Your Real Age is Older Than You Think

Sometimes the internet is evil. An advert caught my eye today (this is a rare event in itself), offering to tell you your “real” age. I’ve heard this biological age thing mentioned a lot over the last couple of years and haven’t really paid any attention to it, other than thinking I have nothing to worry about – mainly because no one has ever guessed my age correctly, and I still (still!) get asked for ID occassionally in the UK when buying alcohol (it’s true – I was recently ID’d in the co-op buying a bottle of wine, and before that in Tesco’s buying some champagne – result!).

Anyway, I see this link and think, ha ha – I’m gonna do this test and prove how young I really am, I don’t feel thirty, no way mister. So I end up taking this enormous test, and at the end it tells me my diet is too low in fruit and veg, I drive too fast, my stress levels are too high, and I don’t take enough exercise, in fact I am actually 36, but I can be 24 in three months if I follow their advice (*Update 2018: This test was totally right 🙁 ).

What?!!! This is really bad news, so I do a search on google and find another test. This one seems much better and is asking what I think are much more sensible questions, for example:

Fat stomach (paunch)?
a) Cannot see genitals when standing
b) Cannot see genitals when standing straight
c) Stomach extends well beyond belt
d) Stomach extends slightly beyond belt
e) Stomach almost flat

In fact I really love this site – surely this will tell me i am really years younger than I am.

Wrong! This site tells me I am in fact 37 (even though I can still see my bits when standing up).

Suddenly the MacDonalds I was going to have for lunch doesn’t seem quite as appetising.

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