This is amazing.

I’ve never, ever understood yoga. I tried a class once and was bored.

Maybe I’ve missed something?!?!

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Day 12 #inversionsmakeyouhot is Tittibhasana  This video is the transition from handstand into firefly. Remember for the challenge you can get into this anyway you like, from seated, from headstand, from a basic jump, from downward dog, from bakasana or like I show you here from handstand. The key to Tittibhasana is to actively squeeze your thighs towards your shoulders while keeping the arms as straight as possible. Draw the pubic bone under to engage the core muscles while allowing the heads of the femurs to drop into their sockets and deepen the hip crease. Your hamstrings and lower back need to be open so if this posture is hard for you be sure to warm up with forward bends and postures like Kurmasana.  Tag @beachyogagirl @laurasykora @bodyangelactivewear @liforme in all your posts. Be strong!

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6 thoughts on “Yoga”

  1. She is incredible, isn’t she?? I probably won’t ever be able to do half the things she can do but it is the doing of yoga that is so amazing, not always what we achieve. Maybe you just haven’t found the class that clicks for you. I did not like my first yoga class at all but once I went to a good studio with a good instructor, I was hooked.

  2. she’s very advanced! i used to hate yoga, but i couldn’t ignore the benefits it provides physically and mentally. i LOVE yoga on a stand-up paddle board though – totally quiets my mind.

  3. I have had a love/hate relationship with yoga. (Mostly hate…) But I’m committed to continuing to search for a better fit. Let me know what you decide on and how you like it.

  4. Wow. That is incredible!
    I don’t do yoga but I do really enjoy an essential stretch routine which is very similar to yoga, but there seems to be more movement involved. *Don’t quote me on that, though!! 😉

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