Since all of the software I touch today seems to break and it is making me more and more frustrated, I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a really big MOAN about everything that is annoying me.

1. Why do I have to work to imminent deadlines plucked out of thin-air with no apparent fore-thought? I hate the way everything always has to be done yesterday with no attempt at sensible planning and design.

2. Why can’t I spend more time writing code that I want to write instead of configuring storage arrays? While storage has got to be more interesting than equities, on a bad day it’s still about as much entertainment as waiting for a bus in the middle of winter.

3. I never seem to have any free time. It all gets sucked up the free-time hoover. One day I’m going to wake up and I’ll be 90 and I still won’t have gotten round to scanning all my 35mm photos.

4. There aren’t enough women in software engineering. Where are they all? They certainly don’t work here. Some female company now and again would be cool, but all my friends live the other side of London. I know I should get off my arse and either move back there, or start making more of an effort where I’ve been living for the last 3 years, but it’s just such a lot of effort… and far easier to sit here and sulk about it.

5. What are the housing benefit office playing at, making my mum wait almost 3 months now for a final decision? How blo*dy long does it take to process a file and write a letter anyway??

6. How long do I have to go the gym before my wobbly stomach goes away? How did it get like this in the first place? Why can’t I be more disciplined about exercise? It’s middle-age spread. I must be getting old.

7. I am just so fed up today.

I swear, most of it boils down to the fact that I feel like my time is just not my own, most of the time (and I don’t even have kids! god knows how people manage with them around as well). I either have to make more time… or decide that I want to do less with what I’ve got. Else I am just going to explode.

I’m hoping the time management book I ordered yesterday (see previous entry for title) will give me some ideas.

2 thoughts on “Whining”

  1. Well as far as good organization and planning goes, you’d be far stretched to find too many organizations that can actually manage that. In all my years working, I don’t know if I’ve ever been at a company that wasn’t a last minute, urgent, need it yesterday type of organization.

    And I sincerely hope you have better luck with the wobblies than I ever did. It didn’t seem to matter how many sit-ups, push-ups or whatever machine I used to get rid of it – it loved me too much to leave me.

  2. Lol, I think I am heading the same way, it’s the wine and chocolate that does it… I just can’t give them up!!

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