What On Earth To Cook

I think it was Rachael who pointed me in the direction of the Ella books (or was that Oh She Glows? I have a feverish toddler so am sleeping less than usual and my memory is shot…). I’ve reserved a handful of vegan books from our local library and these three turned up today. The Ella ones are brilliant – there are loads of recipes I want to try.

I also borrowed Vegan On The Go, which has great ratings on Amazon. However, this has a) a lot of gluten/bread based recipes and b) uses a lot of spurious sounding things like vegan margarine and vegan hot dogs. What even is vegan margarine anyway? For me, the whole point of cooking is to get closer to wholefood ingredients and further away from processed food. I’ll go through the book and mark the recipes I want to try with post-its as there are still a few good sounding ones in there that use wholefoods.

Use it up

I can’t believe how long it’s taking to use everything up in the fridge/freezer. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to replacement recipes/foods also, as at some point I’m going to have to make things we can all eat.

Here’s where we are:



Whole, organic chicken
The children never ate much chicken anyway unless it was junk-food, breaded stuff. Not going to specifically replace this.


Continue buying for now (mainly for the children)
Organic butter
Organic cheddar
Organic yoghurts (kids)
Organic milk

Undecided yet
Organic eggs

Use up
Mini Baby Bels (3/10 left)
Plain yoghurt (1/4 servings left)
Salad cream (1.5 bottles left)
Salad dressing (1 full bottle left)
Dairy-lea dunkers
Hurrah! I hate these – I only got into the habit of buying them because my very fussy 2 year old loves them in her lunchbox. I’ve been meaning to find an alternative anyway, so this forces the issue. I’m thinking of trying falafels.
I buy this once a year and rarely eat it. Tipped away the bottom of the bottle.



2 packs of leftovers from the roast chicken
1 organic chicken breast
2 wild caught salmon steaks
Fishfingers (3 left)
5 hot dogs (1 left)
The boys love these but I don’t really rate them as decent food. I won’t be directly replacing them and am secretly glad I’m not going to buy any more of them.
1/2 pack organic minced beef
Spag bol is a staple in our house. I’m going to try a vegan recipe out.




Organic instant hot chocolate
Wine (usually prosecco)
Nature valley granola bars
Tuna (4 tins)
Beef gravy instant pot
Warburtons white bread (contains E920 which is a processing agent chemically extracted from poultry feathers – OMG yuk!). UPDATE: apparently this can be made synthetically also, which it apparently is in Warburtons. Even so. Yuk.


To be done


To be done

Tonight we tried some vegan junk food in the form of quorn chicken nuggets.

Of course, I was so focused on finding something that was useful as a fallback dinner for those days that don’t go to plan, that I totally forgot one important thing. They are covered in breadcrumb and I can’t eat gluten.


I hate wasting food, so we all had them for dinner anyway. DS1 loved them, DS2 and DD1 weren’t so keen. I quite enjoyed mine and then felt guilty for eating breadcrumb (and the quorn has wheatflour in it). I think it’s safe to say that vegan convenience food is a glutenous minefield. Yet another reason to be cooking from scratch. Never mind – it’s all about the learning.

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