What is the Deal With My Right Ovary?!

It’s CD11 and I’ve just spent the last hour curled on the sofa with a super-hot water bottle, feeling like the pain on my right side was going to make me vomit.

It’s been building for two days – I’ve walked around feeling like there were two water balloons where my ovaries should have been and they have been getting heavier and heavier.

Then by 6:30pm today I barely got the boys into bed before falling onto the sofa in agony.

I’m no wimp either – two natural births and a manual removal of the placenta with no pain relief (yes, that is the one where a doctor sticks a hand up your hoo-haa to pull the placenta out).

And now? The pain has been subsiding for 20 minutes after peaking at 7pm and I’m guessing that means the egg is out (3 days early for me). This is exactly what I had last month, sat on the loo at 3am breathing through the pain. That was my right side too. My left side (which my body seems to favour most months) ovulates with a merely a few manageable cramps.

So what’s the deal? I had an ultrasound a while back where they checked everything and I have no problems, so why so much pain?


I wouldn’t mind so much if I thought there was actually a chance I might get pregnant. Pregnant! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Bodies, eh?

Trying to tell us stuff all the time and we mostly have no idea what they are saying.

10 thoughts on “What is the Deal With My Right Ovary?!”

  1. I know you had an ultrasound a while back, but maybe you should have it looked at again? That sounds like a crazy amount of pain… Hoping the worst of it is over for you.

    • Glad it’s not just me! I did some googling last night and it seems that there are a lot of women out there with no health issues who have this kind of pain, so I am a little reassured. Crazy isn’t it!!

  2. Wow, that does seem pretty extreme. I agree you should mention it to a doc at some point. I am having ovulation pain, too, and oddly it’s always on one side (the side where I do have a tube still and also the side where they removed unexplained scar tissue several years ago…) Anyway, it’s never as bad as you’re describing though. Hang in there.

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