Weird Dream

I’m not sure if this is down to Dr Kawashima or not, but last night I dreamt that my eyesight was going wrong, resulting in me having to have a screwdriver pushed into each of my lower calves (by a doctor), that released a clear gloopy substance into my body that went straight to my eyeballs and made them grow.

Then my face hurt because my eyes were too big for the sockets, but it was OK because it meant they would be stretched back into shape and then I’d be able to see properly again.

(Note: I then woke up and heard the giant mice scuttling around in the bedroom ceiling again – we really need to investigate what’s up there at some point).

That dream stayed with me all day – through 4 hours of software build hell and 5 hours of vaguely productive development.

Plumber has fixed mum’s leaks, so we can all relax again, and not worry that we are going to cause headline flooding in the South. Huzzah.

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