Week 10: Training Log

training log week 10

Week 10: w/c 19th June 2017.

Check out my new blog graphic that actually makes it look like I’m some kind of proper athlete, hah!

Anyway, this makes ten weeks of exercise – woo hoo!

It’s been a good week, and I got a PB at parkrun on Saturday, yay. In fact I finally feel like the whole exercise thing is falling into place. You know how it is at the beginning when you first start – everything hurts, everything is exhausting, everything is such¬†hard work. Well, I genuinely have reached a place where it really isn’t that horrible any more. Of course it’s still hard, but my body copes better, and it’s a nice feeling. My headaches have been less this week but they are still niggling every day. They are driving me crazy, but do seem to be settling down, so I’ll hold tight for now and hope next week brings some relief.

I really need to add some more strength training in. I know it will help my running and I know it’s important, but I always feel such resistance to doing resistance, haha. Maybe when I’m ten weeks down the line with it, I’ll feel differently.

This weeks training covered the following:


5km Asics Pace Academy run from Runkeeper. 33:22.


4km run around the village in the evening. 26:15




5km progression run, 10 slow, 10 medium, 10 fast, slow remainder.




Parkrun – PB 32:06 5km



Next week I have an actual 5k race on Wednesday evening. It’s a 5-race series, running once a month from April to August. My friend has just this minute sent me the results for the first two (that I didn’t enter) and it very much looks like I am going to come last. Full race report to come. And I’ll definitely¬†be doing some strength work after that.

5 thoughts on “Week 10: Training Log”

    • Ah brilliant! It’s always great to meet other runners that are at the same level – so many people are so fit and so fast already! I’ll have to watch out for a progress update ?.

  1. That’s a solid training week. I can’t wait until Max gets back and I can do some running. Right now it’s the PT and that’s it. So I’m the opposite of you – doing plenty of strength and not enough cardio! Let naughty eating in this past week so too scared for the scales lol when oh when will I ever learn?!?!

    • Oh no! But building muscle is so great – I have read a lot recently about how muscle strength before cardio is more effective long term, so you might just be doing it exactly right with your enforced at-home-ness!

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