Wardrobe Detox – Part 3

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My second clothing drawer.

I do also have a small knicker drawer, but I’m keeping all my pants and bras and you don’t need to see those, ok 😉

drawer declutter before

This was a little trickier, as it contains my exercise gear and things like my heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc.

I’m not ready to tackle the exercise category yet, so have returned all the exercise stuff to the drawer. However I still got rid of:

  • 1 pair surf-style shorts. This was a tough one. I love the colour and fit, but I never wear them because I don’t like my legs. They just remind me of the fact I can’t wear them, so in the end they went. Phew!
  • 1 mens t-shirt which I bought to run in when I was still post-pregnancy fat.
  • 1 miscellaneous teddy gift, which I had mixed feelings about.

Total out

3 items

Ongoing total out

70 items!

The result:

drawer declutter after

Here’s all the wardrobe stuff so far bagged up and ready to go the charity shop, plus a couple of extra children’s bits and some books that were waiting in the garage:

charity shop bags

Next job?

Finish the laundry, and tidy up what’s left (Part 4).

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