Wardrobe Detox – Part 2

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This morning I tackled my clothing drawers.

The secret to decluttering is not to think about it too much. One look, quick decision, out it goes.

As soon as you start thinking, you come up with a way to use an item or invent something you might need it for.

It’s just the brain’s way of solving problems.

I was pretty ruthless again today. I have no skirts in my wardrobe, so I got rid of all my tights. I do have dresses in a separate wardrobe, but to be honest I wear a dress once a year these days, if that. Mainly because I don’t like my figure and my legs, but hanging onto stuff in case I metamorphosize into a gorgeous, slim, dress-wearing mama is silly, right?

Here’s drawer 1:

drawer declutter

And this is what went:

  • 1 PJ top. Never worn.
  • 3 pairs opaque tights in nude
  • 5 pairs sheer nude tights (2 unopened)
  • 5 pairs brown opaque tights
  • 1 pair electric blue opaque tights
  • 3 pairs dark grey opaque tights
  • 2 pairs light grey opaque tights
  • 1 pair navy opaque tights
  • 3 pairs black opaque tights
  • 1 pair thick, black, winter tights
  • 1 pair thick, grey, winter tights
  • 3 pairs white foot liners (unopened)
  • 3 pairs nude foot liners (2 unopened)
  • 1 pair navy foot liners
  • 1 pair black foot liners (unopened)
  • 3.5 pairs of sheer knee-highs for under trousers (I would never actually want anyone to see me in these)

A LOT of tights, huh?!?

And I don’t even like my legs that much and I never wear a skirt!!

This is wannabe-buying on a grand scale.

If I buy tights, I will have nicer legs.


The result:

drawer declutter after

So, totals:

Total out

38 items (counting the unpaired knee-high as one item)

Ongoing total out

67 items.

Next job?

Second clothing drawer (Part 3).

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