Waiting to Ovulate

Despite being desperately unhappy last month (after my second chemical pregnancy) and thinking that I wanted to just call it a day and never even think about trying to get pregnant again, over the last few days I’ve been poas* as much as you can imagine.

Here are my OPKs from CD8 to CD15:

positive opks

Not much of interest is there?

I always ovulate on day 13/14 pretty much without exception, and I’ve had the typical ovulatory pain for the last three days (started off mild, but is very distinctive today). But no surge detected by the sticks and no temperature rise so far either.

I usually test positive for a whole 24 hours, with clear lines the day before and after, but have had nothing like that this month.

I’m very concerned I’m heading into my first anovulatory cycle, which would terrify me as my cycles have always been so regular and predictable.

But I guess that:

a) I could be ovulating today (right now even!)
b) I changed OPK brand this month as these ones were cheaper, but they are not very good compared to the ones I used to use (even the test line is pale after the 10 minute wait time, and they seem over-absorbent if that makes any sense).
c) I’ve significantly changed my diet this month with all this extra raw food, so maybe my LH surge has shortened and the slightly darker line I got this morning was the tail end of an overnight surge.
d) And I have just had two chemical pregnancies back to back, so maybe my hormones are taking some time off?!?

I guess all I can do is keep taking my temperature and hope to see a rise soon.

*peeing on a stick

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