Venturing into Raw Food

I want to try to increase my raw intake, and for years I have struggled with exactly how to do this. I’ve toyed with “raw before lunch”, “half raw at every meal”, and “have a raw lunch but a normal breakfast and dinner”, but none of these have worked.

But, now I have found a numbers-oriented way to achieve more raw food in my diet. I love numbers you see 🙂

Raw food intake
Raw intake over last 7 days

This chart shows the percentage of raw food I ate each day by calories consumed.

I have logged food on and off in My Fitness Pal for months, so each morning I just tot up the raw components’ calorie value and work out what that is as a percentage of my whole intake.

I’ve been interested in the idea of a raw food diet for probably 6 or 7 years but this is my first serious attempt at being more “raw”.

I know that a 100% switch is not possible for me. I change slowly for best results, so for now I’ll just keep an eye on my percentages and I’d really like to see it hovering around the 50% mark from here onwards.

Before this week my daily raw consumption was rarely more than 10% and on many days it would be a big fat zero. Not that I didn’t eat fruit and vegetables – I just ate them cooked.

As an aside, I’ve lost 800g (1.7lb) in 7 days just by increasing my raw calorie count 🙂

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  1. Hi there, I just chanced upon your blog as I am currently researching a raw food lifestyle. I think the percentage is a great way to motivate me. My brother is a bigger raw foodie, and he has been a big influence on me lately, as my current food style is definitely packaged and prepared food. It’s going to be a big change, but as he says, it’s investing for the future. Anyways, nice to hear someone else struggles as well, and good luck with it!

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