Vegan Challenge | Day 21 – 22

This point, three weeks in, has probably been the hardest so far.

I wanted to give up yesterday.

My stomach now seems to ache every time I eat, which is really worrying me. I am so bloated by the end of each day that I actually look pregnant (ha).

The husband doesn’t seem to be suffering any ill-effects (although he is a self-confessed bread junkie, so no real change for him).

I however, am still feeling worse than when I started.

Eczema itching constantly. Endless embarrassing wind and bloating.


I also had a decaf cappuccino in Costa yesterday (with soy!), but there must be a fair amount of caffeine in a decaf (or it wasn’t a decaf) because I didn’t sleep until 2am last night. I was so restless I couldn’t stay still. In and out of bed. To and from the bathroom. I dropped off and then woke again at 3:30am with that horrible need to move around. Restless leg syndrome runs in my family, and people sometimes laugh at it as being a made up problem, but when you’re lying awake, exhausted, but your whole body is screaming move! move! move! it is just awful.

Anyway. Enough moaning.

I’ve already worked out what I’m going to do at the end of this challenge, which I’ll post more on soon.

Eight full days to go.

In the meantime, the obligatory food diary:

Day 21

Muesli, strawberries, bananas, coconut milk. White tea.
Handful raisins and nuts
Ikea chips
Green smoothie: mango, lettuce, cucumber. Vegan choc bar.
Lentil, spinach, chipotle paste, tinned tomatoes, with salad. Two handfuls pistachios, two glasses vegan red wine.
I am now so bloated my abdomen is actually feeling sore 🙁
Depressed, miserable and so fed up of eating the same things. Veg, beans and carbs 🙁
Very restless in night.
Eczema very red and itchy. Getting worse.

Day 22

Banana, muesli, coconut milk. White tea. Stomachache.
Soy decaf cappuciono. Stomachache.
Covent garden soup (tomato lentil vegetable), home made bread and vegan spread. Vegan choc bar. Decaf coffee with sugar and coconut milk. Bloated and stomachache.
Tinned tomatoes, pasta, garlic, courgette, sundried tomatoes, whole home-roasted pepper, green olives. Leftover sweetcorn and broccoli from boys tea (they had organic sausages the lucky fellas). Yum!
Plus a lot of extra green olives from the jar while I was cooking.
Large glass red vegan wine.
More olives and pistachios.
Heart skipping a beat distinctly this evening. Olives??
Bizarrely, given how crap I’m feeling, my spots have finally cleared up.

5 thoughts on “Vegan Challenge | Day 21 – 22”

  1. I agree with Rachael, your body is telling you to stop. Why push through 8 more days. The point is to feel better and it is making you feel worse. But good on you for being determined!!! xo

  2. When learning to eat a macrobiotic diet, they say your body starts to really release the toxins. Toxins come out in your hands and feet. I was amazed at how great I felt in three weeks by following this lifestyle. Perhaps you’re releasing toxins? Or not. Also tomatoes are nightshade vegetables and are inflammatory. They affect different people in different ways. Ugh damn cat is making this hard to type.

  3. What a bummer that this is making you feel worse! That’s not how it’s supposed to work! Only you can decide whether you can or whether you want to push through these last few days, but do pay attention to your body.

  4. Jumping on the Rachael and Kerry train… I think your body is telling you that the vegan path is not the right one for you. You shouldn’t be feeling this badly, this far in, I would think…

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