Vegan Challenge | Day 16 – 20

Two thirds of the way through the challenge and still going strong. This has been a better few days physically, but a harder few days psychologically.

CRAVINGS are back in full force.

Watching my children scoff easter chocolate, and eating with other people, has been hard. Not so much for meat, but oh for delicious dairy…

I am really tired of substitute milks now. Coconut is by far the best (and not too coconut-y, would you believe), but just some normal milk with cereal, or some yoghurt with my breakfast, or a lovely creamy decaf mocha, or something else creamy, or buttery, would be SO GOOD.

The problem is (I think) that most of the dairy stuff I would consume also contains sugar, so I think I’m actually craving sugar deep down.

Anyway, that aside, having the husband do this with me has kept us both on track, even though we’ve both admitted to craving all sorts of things over the last few days.

Physically my eczema seems a little less itchy, and the skin on my face is calming down. Thank goodness.

I’ve actually eaten lessΒ fruit and vegetables over the last few days. We’ve gotten lazy and repeated a lot of meals, and I haven’t been having my usual green smoothies.

Makes me wonder if what is aggravating my skin is sugar – not just refined, but also in fruit form (although after a fair amount of personal research the jury is still out on whether I believe fruit sugar is bad for you).

I’ve also been sleeping so much better since cutting out the black tea.

So, after today, just 10 more days to go.

Here’s the food diary:

Day 16

Strawberries, banana, almond milk, muesli. White tea. Half slice bread with vegan spread and marmalade.
White tea. About a million dark choc mint crisps πŸ™
Green smoothie (pineapple, spinach, cucumber, grape, strawberries). Slice of toast with vegan spread and marmalade. Pistachios. Grapes. Liquorice tea.
Tortilla chips with home made guacamole. Pitta bread. Kidney beans, mushrooms, pepper, onion and fajita spice. Lettuce.

Day 17

Home made toasted bread with vegan spread and marmalde. White tea.
Carrot, cucumber, tomato, water melon, grape. Fruit tea.
Two slices home made bread, vegan spread, marmalade. Banana. Pistachios. White tea.
Oven chips and shop-bought mexican vegan burgers.
Eczema itching like crazy.

Day 18

Two slices home made bread toasted with marmalade. White tea.
White tea.
Covent garden soup (roasted tomato), bread with vegan spread. 1.5 vegan chocolate bars.
Sundried tomato and spinach risotto with pine nuts. Two glasses vegan red wine.

Day 19

Muesli, strawberries, coconut milk. White tea.
White tea.
Peanut butter and raisin sandwich on home made bread, banana, grapes, pistachios. Fruit tea.
Pitta bread. Rice. Home made guacamole with tortilla chips. Black beans, mushrooms, peppers, onions, fajita spice. Lettuce. 2 glasses vegan red wine.

Day 20

Two slices home made bread, toasted. Marmalade and vegan spread. White tea.
Green tea.
Covent garden soup (red lentil and tomato), slice home made bread with vegan spread. 3 home made olive oil biscuits (not great). White tea.
Home made mushroom massala curry with rice.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Challenge | Day 16 – 20”

  1. Hey Rose, my son’s girlfriend has been having a lot of GI issues (and I always seem to have something wonky going on there, so I’m following her tests very closely). After being tested for (and found to be negative) Celiac, IBS, etc., she is now looking at FODMOPs as the potential source of her maladies. FODMAP is an acronym for Fermentable – Oligosaccharides – Disaccharides – Monosaccharides – And – Polyols. I’ll include a link to full detail on FODMOPs, but here is a small excerpt:

    FODMAPs are a group of small carbohydrate (sugar)
    molecules found in everyday foods. Carbohydrates are
    made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and provide an
    important source of energy for the body. FODMAPs are
    carbohydrates that may be poorly absorbed in the small
    intestine of some people. FODMAPs move through the
    digestive tract to the large intestine (colon), where they
    can draw water into the colon and are rapidly fermented
    (digested) by naturally-occurring gut bacteria. The
    fermentation of FODMAPs produces gas and other

    While some people are able to consume FODMAPs without
    experiencing gastrointestinal side effects, many people with
    digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),
    find that FODMAPs triggers symptoms including abdominal
    pain, cramping, bloating, excess gas, constipation and/or

    Full detail here:

    As you’ll see, it requires elimination of lactose, gluten and many, many fruits and veg – but surprisingly okays the intake of all meat and certain cheese. Amanda has been feeling symptom free since she started, but on the odd occasion she cheated, she felt the ill effects of the FODMAP item she ate immediately.

    She plans to slowly re-introduce certain food items, one by one, back into her diet in May to see if she can isolate the really bad stuff (which is hopefully not everything on that list.)

    I can keep you posted, if you like.

    • Wow – thank you for all the information, that is super – I will spend some time reading about it and i would love to hear how Amanda gets on. I’m now getting a lot of abdominal tenderness – I’m undecided if it’s my cyst growing exponentially or what I’m eating upsetting my GI tract… I know I am looking forward to saying goodbye vegan and eating real food again in 9 days time!! X

  2. Wow, respect! My sister was vegan for a while (eventually gave up because it was too hard to cook entirely from scratch with a full time + job) and I could only watch in awe! Your menus sound pretty appetising though, I could see doing the odd vegan day perhaps…

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