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I am astonished at how much animal based stuff I have in my kitchen. Almost everything has something in it. Dried foods especially are full of dried milk and eggs and cheese and all sorts of stuff. Not to mention the fact that my vitamins are totally not vegan, my toiletries are probably not vegan, I drink wine which probably isn’t vegan (why? I don’t know yet), and although I would consider us a low chemical household we still have our share of toxic stuff lying around (which is a separate issue entirely, but one I’ve kind of moved away from that I used to care a lot about).

Five years ago, when I first started my first ever blog, it was to document my way to a greener, healthier way of life.

Since then, so much water has passed under the bridge. Those feelings, about wanting to be greener, more environmentally friendly, to own less, and be kinder to the earth never leave me. But somewhere along the way they have become less of a priority. Other people do not seem to obsess as much as I do about what we should be eating for better health, and the rampant consumerism that makes us buy, buy, buy all the time. There is a lot about modern life that disagrees with me, but as a mum it is so difficult to keep it at bay. The kids want to be like all their friends. They want to own iPads, visit MacDonalds, watch TV for hours a day. You know how it is. I resist what I can, but I don’t want to force my kids to stand out and suffer for my personal beliefs. I would hope that I will pass on enough for them to make the right choices, if not so much now, then at least as adults.

Making a change

Anyway, I am getting off the point of this post, which is: I have decided to stop buying and cooking meat and fish. So we’re essentially going to be a vegetarian household again, at least initially.

With my previous comments in mind, my children often eat school dinners and get a choice between meat and veg options each day, so they will still have plenty of access to meat if that’s what they want to eat. Just about the only meat/fish they consume in any great quantities at home are sausages and fishfingers, neither of which are the epitome of good food anyway. I will have to find some substitutes for those.

I hate throwing food away, so we’re going to use up what’s left:



Whole, organic chicken (cooked and ate the breast last night, and some leftovers for lunch. 1 pack of leftovers still in fridge)


Organic butter
Organic cheddar
Mini Baby Bels
Yoghurts (kids)
Plain yoghurt (me)
Dairy-lea dunkers
Salad cream
Organic, free range eggs



2 packs of leftovers from the chicken I roasted
1 organic chicken breast
2 wild caught salmon steaks
5 hot dogs
1/2 pack organic minced beef



Constant Snacking

My children could snack for Britain. They always seem to be telling me they are hungry and they always want snack food. They eat fruit and nuts, but I also buy a lot of other things, like dried fruit shapes, granola bars, and so on. Snack food is expensive, and I know these kinds of things are not (that) difficult to make at home, so something else I have been thinking of doing is cooking more snack/sweet stuff so that at least the less nutritious stuff we are all eating is homemade. Also, for me, some GF snacks in the house would be great as I find so much GF cake/biscuit stuff is overly, sickly sweet, full of preservatives and just generally really horrible.

Since I’m now conscious of using dairy I’ve been looking at vegan recipes for snacks.

I wanted a recipe that didn’t need anything I didn’t have at home, so today I made some vegan digestives, which turned out better than I was expecting. I am not a great cook, so what I’m really going to be looking for in snack replacements is recipes that are not too difficult to make at weekends and that taste REALLY good.


Now, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (I used plain GF flour and white caster sugar). And mine aren’t 100% vegan (doh. Yeah, I know), as I only have normal milk in the house until I do the next weekly shop. However, as home made GF biscuits go, they are not too bad. I don’t love the coconut flavour that comes through on a lot of vegan/GF cooking, but it’s not too strong on these, and they are remarkably like a digestive in texture. I ate five in one go with a cup of tea. I’ll take some for the kids when I pick them up as they all have a late day on Thursdays, and I’ll see what they think.

These were really easy to make, but taste-wise I’m not sure if I’ll be adding them to my snack-replacement plan just yet. I need to try out some more recipes I think, so feel free to point me to any favourites!

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  1. Good for you! FYI – if you get dairy free butter and milk you don’t necessarily need to find a vegan recipe. I just sub in the dairy ingredients with whatever we are using. Obviously there is the issue of eggs which I’ve always found tricky but I think there are egg replacer products out there. Or you can use chia seeds but you can tell. You can buy or make coconut yoghurt which Holly loves. I’m going to start baking more too I think. Well that’s my best intention anyway. Haha There is a website called Oh She Glows and that has lots of vegan recipes I think. Also The Detoxinista has a range – maybe not all vegan but def some options in there. Good luck!!

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