Ultrasound Reveals… Not a Lot

Mainly because I don’t actually get the “results” until August, when I go back for my follow up appointment.

She said:

Overall everything looks absolutely fine.

She said:

I’ve taken lots of measurements that need to be correlated with your hormone profile, like the endometrium lining thickness.

Was that a hint? Is it too thin to sustain a pregnancy?

She said:

Make sure you attend the follow up appointment and we’ll get this sorted for you.

Really? They’re going to sort it all out? What’s wrong? Do you know the answer? Do I just need to eat more steak? Could all this pain have been avoided by some simple solution that I have to wait 6 more weeks to hear??

I didn’t say any of that because I am not bold and upfront, I am shy and nervous.

More waiting.

I’d better get on to that right away, ha ha.


She also told me I had ovulated from the left this month, as she could see the cyst. Isn’t that incredible??

Best of all that correlates exactly with what I wrote in my notebook at CD9:

Sudden o pain, left, when stretching AM.

So now I know for sure that the pain I feel REALLY IS ovulation about to happen. Amazing!

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