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We’re coming home!

It’s all official, and there was no bloodshed, violence or tears. Our letters weren’t read until this morning, hence the lack of response for three days. We talked to the director organising it all, and although he looked a bit stressed, and I think, a little bit offended we hadn’t talked to him earlier, he was quite positive about us returning to the UK to work, and everything is fine again. We’ve also arranged our final return flights home, so will be permanently back in the UK in about four weeks, just after my birthday and just before Christmas.

My apathy and boredom from yesterday really was of enormous proportions (after all the Alias and Desperate Housewives, we managed to watch about 6 hours of Scrubs on Sunday, by which point I started to believe I actually worked with Dr Cox, and Elliot was my best friend). However, it has now retreated back into it’s little box in a corner of my brain until some future date. I called my mum this morning to tell her, and even phoned my nan to wish her a Happy Birthday. I am suddenly full of optimism and enthusiasm again. I’m even a little bit excited about the project I am going to be working on. Possibilities everywhere!

As an aside, my apathetic weekend was brightened by an email from Steve’s uncle, who lives in London and who I have never met. He wrote a highly amusing note to Steve about his firewall software taking personal control of his computer and also mentioned that he enjoys reading my trivial musings on life. A compliment from an unexpected quarter is sometimes all the more meaningful for you not expecting it. It’s like being told that someone high up in the company thinks your work is excellent, or that a girl in another department really admires your hairstyle. The fact that someone noticed something you hadn’t even thought of them noticing makes it all the more important that they did.

So thank you – and we’ll be over for a cup of tea and a biscuit in about four weeks if that’s OK?

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