UK Citizens Bid For Return Home

After all those meetings, the Company of Chaos has decreed that they want us to keep our apartment, stay in California for another couple of years and apply for Visas. Crikey. This is the exact opposite of what I thought would happen (esp. since they have just cancelled the project we have spent the last two years working on, the reason for us being in America in the first place).

This was a bit of a shock to the system, and in a moment of pathetic, not-wanting-to-disappoint madness, I sort of just… agreed. I didn’t really mean to, I just forgot to say I would rather go home. So… minutes before we took off for our holiday I somehow managed to OK the visa application process on behalf of myself and Steve. Oops.

(To be fair, we haven’t at any point been given any details of how things would work if we returned to the UK, and the Company has just held three weeks worth of planning meetings that have assumed we will be resident in the US – we’ve even got new personal nameplates outside our office. As a consequence we have felt under huge pressure to go along with the plans that have been made.)

Now, while we were away, we had a big think about this, and having talked about nothing else for the last few weeks (as there was always a chance the offer would be on the cards), we finally decided that as much as we love it out here, it wasn’t the right thing to do, either personally or professionally, particularly bearing in mind our respective career progression – the bottom line is we won’t get what we want out here. Not only that, but the Company seems to be exhibiting ever increasing signs of having lost its marbles as far as project planning goes.

So, on our first day back we got to work early, ready to talk to the director and explain that there was no need to spend $60,000 on keeping us in the US and that we could work just as well on the new project we’re assigned to in the UK. Except the director had already flown to the UK to get approval from the CEO for keeping us in the US. Doh.

We sent letters to both of them explaining our reasons for changing our minds and waited.

And waited.

And are still waiting.

We sent them early on Thursday morning and it’s now Saturday morning, and we’ve heard nothing. Not even an acknowledgment by email. I don’t know if this is good or bad. They probably haven’t even read them.

Monday’s gonna be fun.

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