TTC Madness

Today I have been suffering from continuous ovulation pain.

This makes it impossible to not think about ttc.

My LH surge, first detected yesterday morning, is still going strong.

At this time of the month, when you’ve been ttc for a while, timing is EVERYTHING.

Did we BD at the right time? Did we BD enough? Shall we BD some more just to be on the safe side??

I went out last night and got back quite late, so there was no opportunity for BDing. But today I am panicking – with all these positive opks and all this ovulation pain – ┬áthat we need to fit in another BD. If DH didn’t work so far away, I would have requested him home at lunchtime.

Don’t want to miss the egg!

But then, I thought about how crazy this is. And I thought back to how life used to be when babies were the last thing on my mind and I was terrified of ending up pregnant.

If, just say, we turned the clock back, and I happened to have had unprotected sex, just once, on day 11 of my cycle (which incidentally I never would have done), I would be sitting here now thinking,

Holy crap people, I’m gonna end up pregnant now for sure, where the hell can I get the morning after pill??

How do you go from knowing you’ll get pregnant at the drop of an unsuitable man’s hat (or should I say trousers), to trying to get pregnant for a year?

I should be sat here thinking,

This month is a winner for sure people! We timed that BD just perfectly!

But instead I’m worried that 250 million sperm on Tuesday just WON’T BE ENOUGH.

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