The Pregnancy Chronicles

My journey to the family I want has been (and continues to be) rocky. Once I became a mother, I always imagined myself with three children, but as I have learnt over the last couple of years, whatever will be, will be.

You can read everything I’ve blogged about this, in reverse chronological order, under the category The Pregnancy Chronicles.

Or, in short (haha), the main points, with links, below:


August 2008BFP!
I get married, we stop using birth control on the night of our wedding and miraculously, I get pregnant. We get a BFP the day after we get home, after spending two weeks in Singapore and Bali.
September 2008 Miscarriage #1I miscarry my honeymoon baby at 6w5d.
October 2008 – BFN
November 2008 – BFN
December 2008 – BFP!
January 2009 – Miscarriage #2. I miscarry at 6w5d. The doctors say no tests are necessary, just keep trying.
February 2009 – BFP!
November 2009 – DS1 arrives, 8lb, 0oz


October 2010 – We decide to try for baby number two.
November 2010BFN
December 2010 – BFP!
August 2011 – DS2 arrives, 8lb, 0oz



April 2012 – We decide to try for baby number three.
May 2012 – I start this blog, to record life with three kids.
June 2012 – BFP!
August 2012 – Miscarriage #3
I miscarry at 13w2d, after discovering that there is no heartbeat at 11w3d (baby measured 8w2d). I labour at home, bleed profusely and am transferred to hospital by ambulance. I end up staying three days, having a blood transfusion and being nil-by-mouth until they are certain that my uterus has stopped haemorrhaging my entire blood system.
September 2012 – BFN
October 2012 – BFN
November 2012 – BFN
December 2012 – BFN


January 2013 – BFN
February 2013 – BFN
March 2013Miscarriage #4. Faint BFP for two days. Chemical.
April 2013 – Miscarriage #5. Faint BFP for two days. Chemical.
Start May 2013BFN – I mess up my cycle with flaxseed (it’s a phytoeostrogen).
End May 2013 – Miscarriage #6. Faint BFP for two days. Chemical.
I can’t face attending birthday parties or a friend’s baby shower, so I stay home and cryI visit my GP and they begin tests for recurrent pregnancy loss.
June 2013 – BFN
July 2013 – BFN
August 2013 – BFN – The 1 year anniversary of my last miscarriage. Every hospital test comes back normal. I have unexplained secondary infertility. I sink into deep, deep depression.
September 2013 – BFN – I want to give up.
October 2013 – BFN – I visit my GP, ask for the pill and start taking it. I take one and a half packs, irregularly. I feel a million times better. We decide to give it another try.
December 2013 – BFN


January 2014 – BFP!
I do some reading and research on the Antihistamine ProtocolI decide to take Claritin daily for two weeks after ovulation, as I am becoming increasingly suspicious of some kind of immune issue (Turns out I am right – see April 2014 – but antihistamines won’t help me). My positive test.
March 2014 – Miscarriage #7 – 
Scan at 11 weeks shows the heartbeat stopped at 10w4d. I miscarry at home, at 11w5d and spend the night in hospital.
April 2014 – Hormones going crazy and I develop a 6cm dermoid cyst on right ovary.
Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Go 100% gluten free at the end of April.
May 2014 – Finally stop bleeding 66 days after miscarriage #7
June 2014 – BFN – Cyst resolves itself.
July 2014BFN – We make an appointment at a fertility clinic.
August 2014 – Miscarriage #8. Single faint BFP. Chemical. Cancel fertility clinic appointment. Decide to do a 90 day healthy eating plan in an attempt to improve egg quality. But subsequently fail miserably.
September 2014 – BFN
October 2014 – BFN
Start November 2014 – BFN
End November 2014 – BFP! I test positive at 10dpo.
December 2015 Miscarriage #9. Scan at 6w4d shows anembryonic pregnancy (blighted ovum). Miscarry at 7w5d.


February 2015 – annovulatory cycle.
March 2015 – waiting…

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