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Since google has recently decided to encrypt search terms, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing less and less of these kind of posts. While we can still enjoy the fascinating questions that lead people to our blogs (like this one, from 2006), here are some of the queries that have brought people my way:

purging myself of souvenirs
Good! That sounds excellent! I do that a lot too 🙂

feeling low two kids under 3
Hell yeah. Try two kids under 2 – that was an interesting three months, I tell you.

stay at home for three months
Sure. Just do it.

fun things to do with 3 kids
Sadly, you are asking the wrong person 🙁

feeling fat and miserable after miscarriage
Yes, I did too. Sorry.

declutter butter
Um, nope. Butter is good for you.

am i weird for quitting facebook
Well, I don’t think so, but I am a facebook quitter, so who knows.

do i have to believe everything i read on facebook

how do you separate toddler and crawling baby
I spent months wondering this exact same thing. I still don’t have the answer, but they do grow out of it.

3 kinds of hydrogen
Er… are there?

to hell with minimalism, i like cars and big houses
Me too. I just have nothing in mine 😉

declutter bras
It can be tricky.

Why are you here and not on a wellington boots website??

pots and pans dodgy website
Seriously? Do you wanna come and clean my kitchen?!

sheer lust
I know. I’m right here and I’m gorgeous and intelligent. I’m married too, but hey, you can still blog-stalk me 😉 😀

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