Too Early for Nausea


Having been through the first trimester three times, my nausea has always kicked in at pretty much exactly 6 weeks.

Today I am 4 weeks 5 days.

And I’m feeling a bit, salivary.

It’s the only word I can think of to describe it. Is this my imagination?? I am not sure.

Otherwise, on the symptom front, I have had NOTHING. Even my sore boobs have settled down.

This makes me nervous that nothing is happening and I’m heading for miscarriage, although I haven’t had a single speck of spotting either. I’ve stopped taking my temperature and taking pregnancy tests as neither of these things are now reliable indicators that everything is OK. If I am going to miscarry, the first thing I’ll see will be spotting or blood. I had a very brief flash of pain yesterday, which worried me, but nothing since.

I’m in a kind of holding pattern. Every trip to the bathroom, I steel myself for the worst.

I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday evening and hopefully an early scan will follow soon after I reach 6 weeks. Seeing a heartbeat at six weeks puts me at an 80% chance of success, whereas currently it’s about 20%, so this scan is going to mean a lot.

I’m generally feeling pretty damn positive (given everything we’ve been through!), but I think that’s just my personality and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all going to be OK.

And so, we wait.

Lordy, I’m itching to sort out all the baby stuff in the loft though.

10 thoughts on “Too Early for Nausea”

  1. Hmm, I’m sure there can be very early nausea in some pregnancies (notice I didn’t say some women, since every preg is different) but hopefully it’s a one-off day and it will hold off a few weeks. 😉

    I know just how you feel with the horrid bathroom checks. Big hugs, friend – that’s a hard thing to be going through. I hope you stay busy until that Tuesday appointment. XO

  2. I hope Tuesday comes fast and I will keep thinking good, positive happy thoughts about this baby! I felt nausea early, early with my son…that and major bloating at the 4 and 5 wk mark.

  3. I can’t say because I’ve never had nausea with any of my pregnancies until this one but I imagine each one can be different. It’s a good sign. And I know how freaky it can be not to have any symptoms because that happens to me all the time. I’m super hopeful for you though and hope an early scan can put your mind to rest a bit. Hugs xxx

  4. I felt great until about week 6. My boobs also settled down. I cannot wait for your scan. We are all so excited for you! And very hopeful!!! Keep up the positive attitude!

  5. There’s no hard and fast rule about when these symptoms come and go. I know exactly what you are going through – analyzing and over-analyzing every twinge of of feeling in almost every body part. It’s agonizing and the only thing to do is wait. My first pregnancy was glorious in that I was almost 7weeks before I even knew I was pregnant, but I’ll never have that blissful ignorance again, though how I wish we could. I wish that we all could. This is a tough time, but hang in there. Try to find distraction as much as possible. We are all praying for you and pulling for you! You SOOO deserve this.

  6. I’m back here rereading posts as my preg lines are getting lighter on my tests and my boobs aren’t as sore at 4 weeks 3 days. Starting to panic!!! These posts are a great resource, Rose. That’s why (well one of the many reasons) your blogging is important. 🙂

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