Toddlers Are All The Same


I have come to the conclusion that ALL toddlers behave like little horrors. Not only that, but as soon as toddler-hood has passed, we tend to forget how dreadful it was.

I have hard proof that in actual fact all three of my lovely children have been terrors at the age of two (one of the many advantages of now having all my blog posts in one place).

The most amusing thing about this is that I was under the impression that DS2 (now 6) was a total joy and he never once had a tantrum of any kind, and that even DS1 (now 8) was not as bad as toddler F. Clearly I have forgotten it all.

DS1: All Day Nursery Equals Vengeful Toddler

DS2: Angry 2 Year Old

DD1: The Terrible Twos

At some point with each of them I have been utterly convinced that no other toddler could ever be so trying and that there must be something fundamentally wrong with either my parenting skills, or them, or both.


It’s just toddlers.

2 thoughts on “Toddlers Are All The Same”

  1. Haha that’s SO true. I am struggling big time with Miss H right now and feel like she is more intense than ever but if I’m really honest I can look back at S around the same age and remember times I cried with the exhaustion of it all. I’ve never enjoyed this age. I can’t wait until we can pass it by and get onto he part where I get to enjoy my children more than I’m crying haha Love that pic of F btw. Adorable!

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