Toddler and Crawling Baby Challenge: Go!

The last four or so months have been really lovely, parenting-wise. DS2 is sleeping through so I’m not totally shattered all the time, and in the day he’s happy rolling around and exploring toys, so it’s easier for me to spend time with DS1.


In the last two weeks DS2 has become increasingly proficient at SAS-style crawling, which now means he goes after every single toy that DS1 sits down to play with.

I have to separate them over and over before DS1 kicks or shoves DS2 for trying to grab DS1 and/or his toys.

This is becoming very annoying, but I can’t think of any way to prevent it.

More patience (on my part) is probably the only solution. How I wish you could buy patience (and time, and sleep) in Tescos.

So I think we’re heading into a new, more challenging phase of parenthood, now that the baby is on the move. Precisely the kind of phase that makes me think that stopping at 2 is a much better idea than having 3…

I couldn’t hold out any longer and I did a pregnancy test this morning. Day 26 – negative. Which of course it is, because it’s too early to tell anyway. That was the last one left in the house, so now I will have to traipse to the shops, with two children in tow, to buy another, simply because I am too impatient to wait a respectable time before trying to find out what’s going on. Sigh.

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