Tired Today

Not feeling too good today. I woke up at 4am and tried really hard to think about nothing and go back to sleep… And then, bam. Brain woke up and there was nothing I could do except lay awake and worry about a billion and one things and yet still be too tired to think about anything properly. Jet lag is an evil thing.

Mum’s dog Nellie had a seizure last night. She was acting all strange, just as we got home from work, and at first mum thought she’d eaten something over at the park. She was sick, all wobbly on her legs and couldn’t stand up properly, so we took her to the vet and apparently she’d had an epileptic fit. Poor little Nellie. The doctor gave her an injection, which she cried at. But then she just went home and slept lots. She seemed fine this morning, and the vet gave us some info on canine epilepsy. Fascinating fact: little Nellie has never, ever barked – not once since mum got her (she’s now 5 months old). She’s gorgeous.

Steve and I have found somewhere to live, hurrah!

The agent is going to try and get things put through as soon as possible so we might be in by New Year, if not just after. It’s so cool – it’s a little two-bedroom house, with a little patio garden out the back. I love it – we’d been looking at it online in the US last week, but didn’t think it would still be available. It’s just a few streets away from where we were living before we left to go the US, and just like our last place, is on a quiet road and has a handy co-op just round the corner for late-night munchies.


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