Tiny Tea

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that gets right under your skin and makes you want to yell and scream and throw things at people. And it’s the REPEATED nature of small annoyances that do it, because every time it happens, it annoys you a little bit more, until one day you find that you are practically bursting with rage over this little tiny thing and you can’t even understand how something so insignificant can annoy you so much.

Case in point: we have a new employee in the canteen that serves us tea and coffee. Every time I buy tea from her, she doesn’t fill the little polystyrene cup up properly. She leaves about an inch of room from the tea level to the top of the cup. Grrr.

Why does this annoy me so much?

1) I like my tea hot with hardly any milk (I’m talking about half a teaspoon’s worth of milk maximum), so by the time I’ve taken the teabag out and added my dribble of milk, my cup looks like I’ve already taken two gulps out of it.

2) I buy large tea for 50p. There is a small tea option for 37p. If I buy a large tea from said employee, I’m paying for a large tea and effectively getting a small one.

3) Over the last week I have politely asked her on at least 6 occassions to top up my cup with water before handing over the money, once even explaining that I don’t have a lot of milk, so I don’t need the extra room in the cup.

4) Despite this she still insists on giving me a cup of tea that isn’t quite full, even though she surely must recognise me as the annoying woman who always asks for the extra water.

I bought a cup of tea this afternoon, and she did exactly the same thing as always, and I didn’t bother to ask for extra water, because to be honest it’s like trying to teach an idiot how to do calculus, and I just can’t be a*sed to waste my breath. But it wound me up so much, that I have decided never to buy tea from her again. Ever.

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