This week’s training

I ran three times this week. I still feel like I’m recovering after pushing quite hard last week, but I did do a long run on Thursday as it’s been three weeks since I last did anything over 5km.

I’ve had some knee trouble and have been dealing with horrible headaches most of this week, so I haven’t felt great to be honest.


Asics Pace Academy run in Runkeeper. 30 minutes. Loved it and felt good.

Tues + Weds

Rest days, although I was literally itching to get out. The weather was beautiful and warm and I love running in it. I wanted to keep my legs fresh for:


9km steady run. I did 5.5km of this on trails through the woods near our house which was lovely. The other half was on pavement. The trail running was more draining than I anticipated and my thigh muscles were hurting a bit by the end. An old injury in my right knee surfaced and caused me quite a bit of pain in the last half km. 




I was a bit nervous going out, thinking that my knee was going to stop me running after Thursday, but it was actually fine. I just did a slow round-the-village 4km and my son came along on his bike. It was a scorching afternoon and I felt tired, heavy and bloated.



Plan for next week

The next next Asics Pace Academy run in Runkeeper (there are five and they are designed to help you improve your 5k speed), some strength exercises, a steady run for as long as I feel good and I’ll probably do parkrun on Saturday. I have a 5k race the week after next and I’m hoping for a not-too-embarrassing time so next week I won’t be pushing too hard.

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  1. Yay! Nice work. I am so not at running that sort of distance yet so very impressed. I think I will finish my couch to 10k program on my app and then switch to run keeper and do this asics speed improved. Like the sound of that. Really want to do a half marathon but have no idea on timeframe. It is looking more like next year now…

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