This Week’s Goals – Week 3

this weeks goals

Last week was a tough one. I had a lot on and baby F was sick late on Thursday night (sigh). She was very grisly and clingy all weekend. I think I over-estimated what I could achieve as I felt quite stressed out by the end of Sunday and very behind on everything. I absolutely hate the feeling of overwhelm I get when the house is in chaos (it is), and there are a billion things that need to be done (there are). I don’t deal well with disorder. I ran a 5k race last week, and attended a business breakfast meeting, plus I’m in the middle of a project for a client, so all in all it was a week to be reckoned with.

This week I’m going to try to scale it back a bit, and I’m seriously thinking about cutting everything down to work on literally ONE thing at a time, super-intensively, until it is done. I’m wondering if that might just be a more productive way of getting through things.

On the agenda this week:

  1. Collect together ALL the paperwork scattered ALL over the house and make sure there is nothing urgent in there
  2. Get back to inbox zero for business account
  3. Three runs
  4. Completely clear the table and the floor area around it
  5. Think about moving from Omnifocus to Things 3, because Omnifocus is just not working that well for me anymore

Here’s how last week went:

  1. Carry on getting photos sorted out on Mac/Phone – Done. Thank goodness. I’d been putting this off for a whacking 9 months.
  2. Get back to inbox zero, for both personal and business accounts – Done for personal, not done for business.
  3. Three runs (one of these is a 5k race) and one strength session – Did three runs (and great times), but no strength session, again.
  4. Get to the bottom of each of the washing baskets and put the mountain of outstanding clean clothes away – Done.
  5. Plan out shopping, meals and cooking for the start of the 3 week healthy eating challenge I’m doing from Saturday Monday – Done. I’m a bit nervous about this as it requires lots and lots of chopping and prep (you know how it is with healthy food).
  6. Keep within a £60 budget this week for food (no spending until Wednesday as that’s when I get some money!) – Fail! I went miles over budget after buying my healthy food on Sunday for the first three days this week.
  7. Send Dad the book I bought for him – Done.
  8. Business goals: decide where/how/if to blog about these, but in the meantime get a quote out, do design changes for current project and get new email list up and running – Done. Did changes, quote and set up email list, and have decided not to blog about weekly business goals just yet as the summer holidays are approaching and it will be too stressful trying to keep up with it all!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Goals – Week 3”

    • I’m not sure how well I’ll keep it up to be honest! Something about putting in public seems to make it harder to ignore what I should be doing ?

  1. I think you did really well even though you felt like you didn’t. I know what you mean though – sometimes I add in way more things than I can possibly achieve and then wonder why I did that to myself. I would be better of choosing one extra project each week and adding extras if I’m super efficient. I think we forget how much time running a house and kids actually takes!

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