This Week’s Goal + Training Log #9

family photo book page layout


Photo books 2010-2017

I did nothing this week. The husband was on holiday from work so it was a family-focused week with trips out and treats. Plus, I had a total hard drive failure, so it took me three days to reinstall everything and then download my 640GB back-up to get things back to normal (I really need to do a digital declutter). At least it didn’t happen in the middle of a work project.

My 2010 and 2011 books arrived in the post and I love them!

Photo of them so far, below. I’ll do some better ones once I’ve got them all together.

Time spent on goal: 0 hours 0 minutes


2010-11: Arrived
2012: Done. Awaiting ordering.
2013: To be started


The week started well with baby F finally over her vomit bug and starting to sleep a little better. We even had a single night of no waking, which was pretty cool. I did a great run+HIIT session on Monday.

But it all went downhill from there. Baby F came down with a viral infection that got steadily worse as the week progressed. Two nights of lots of crying with a really blocked nose were followed by five nights of fever, crying and general misery (for both of us). It’s now Monday and she’s still feverish and now croup-y on top of everything else. Two docs have checked her – she just needs to fight off the virus.

I’d planned to run five times, but managed three. And I am so worn out. I have been stuck at 30min 5kms for six weeks and I don’t think I’m going to level up until the sleep thing is under control as I’m just running on empty (literally).

Nevermind – as long as I keep doing something I’m doing good.

Mon – 30 min easy run, 8 min HIIT
Tues – Rest
Wed – 3.9km, 25:05
Thu – Rest
Fri – 5km, 30:55
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Goal + Training Log #9”

    • I use Albelli. They have just changed their name to Bonusprint, but all software and products are the same. Sign up for emails if you want to use them as they do regular discounts. Lovely quality – I’ve been really impressed with the books and the colour reproduction on the photos ?

  1. Oh no! Poor baby F and poor you. I totally feel you. I crashed and burned this week with a cold and so I haven’t run or exercised at all except for Pilates this morning. I just have nothing left to give right now so I really know what you mean. Max actually just booked me into a hotel for tomorrow night. I am going there at check-in time and have a midday checkout and I am going to lay around and read my book and eat in peace and just top up my mummy tank. I may even finish my website. I can’t decide if that’s work or not but I think the outcome – blogging again – is actually one thing I really need right now so maybe it is worth lowering through with it. There’s nothing big to do – I just need to set up my follow button with mailchimp really. Anyway I am blabbing as your comment area seems to be how I blog these day lol I hope baby F is better soon and you all get more sleep. Seriously, he first two years with a kid is just blooming harrowing. Xx

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