This Week’s Goal + Training Log #8

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I’ve had a bit of extra time this week as the boys have been at a tennis camp in the mornings. Totally random I know. There is a tennis club about two minutes from the house and they do games and other stuff as well as tennis. The boys have loved it – especially as they get to take money for the tuck shop (I’m trying not to think about how much chocolate they ate). Baby F did her normal 2.5 days at nursery, so I got a few hours here and there to myself.

Time spent on goal: 12 hours 10 minutes


2010: Ordered!
2011: Ordered!
2012: Done. Awaiting ordering.
2013: To be started


This week I thought up every excuse under the sun to stop this project and start something else. I thought a break would be good, it was too much to complete in one go, it was taking too long, and a million other things.

I’ve resisted signing up to a free trial at, and the temptation to buy several books on Amazon, on varying topics.

I’m not even halfway through and it seems like I’ll be doing this forever. 

Going to keep on plodding. Little by little I’ll get there.


The week started really badly. I was sleep deprived and I felt I was recovering really slowly from the 12km I did last Sunday. I didn’t exercise for the first three days of the week, and felt no better for it. 

On Thursday I dragged myself out for a short run, just to keep the momentum going, and it all got so much better from there. On Friday I went again and clocked my fastest kilometer yet at 5:48. Then on Saturday I tackled a hilly parkrun instead of the usual flat one and loved it.

It really helped that baby F has started to sleep a little better now she’s fully recovered from the sick bug, and that the insomnia monster has abated.

Hoping to level up next week and start adding more sessions to the week. I’ll be aiming for five.

Mon – Rest
Tues – Rest
Wed – Rest
Thu – 3.8km
Fri – 3.88km
Sat – 5km parkrun (a hilly one), 33:38
Sun – Rest

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Goal + Training Log #8”

  1. I really love it when you go back after a break and it’s goooooood. Well done on the fastest ever KM and also nice work in that time for a hilly 5k. I love that you have the option to do one like this!

    I am behind on my photo books too and have just discovered that the online store I use for them now has an app!! It doesn’t help that much for where I am behind but it’s flipping fabulous moving forward. I am going to try building them over the months as the year goes and hopefully by the end of the year voila! I have a book. Not sure if you have this option but thought I’d pass on that info. Nice work in the progress thus far. You are getting there!!!

    • Ahh it is great when a run feels good. Especially when you aren’t expecting it. I am SO sore after adding a bit of HIIT to Monday’s session though, lol!

      An app makes things loads easier – especially if you tend to use your phone for most pics, which is becoming more common as the cameras are so good now. I think doing a bit here and there is a brilliant idea as you won’t have to put that big effort in when the year has finished. I use albelli (now bonusprint), and I think they do have an app, although I have a lot of pics from my other camera so the desktop is easier for me.

      I think Miss Fanny P did all her photobooks using an app while out walking with the buggy and other stuff with her little boy if I remember correctly!! I have come to realise that good enough is fine. I have this perfectionist streak which had held me back from getting them done “properly”, and letting that go has really meant I can make progress. I will be SO pleased when they are all done. It’s like putting the past in order ?

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