This morning’s POAS adventures

I’ve been checking my pregnancy test results over the last week, waiting for a clear negative, because I thought that meant we’d be back to square one with regard to trying again.

However, yesterday evening, even though I am still spotting from the miscarriage, it was (TMI warning!) very stretchy and shiny – i.e. my body seemed to be producing fertile cervical mucus.

So this morning at about 10:30am I did a pregnancy test AND an ovulation test at the same time. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy to be peeing on two different kinds of tests during one wee, right?

And this is what I got:


The top test is for LH – a definite positive. The bottom test is for HCG – a faint positive.

I didn’t think you could ovulate until the HCG cleared your system*. I’ve read that you can get a positive OPK when you are pregnant (apparently the difference between LH and HCG is down to a few amino acids and LH tests can detect HCG, but HCG tests cannot detect LH – weird eh? Never tested this myself, but that’s the theory). Anyway, my pregnancy test result is clearly very faint – so I wouldn’t expect it to affect the OPK so much. I’d put myself on cycle day 8, given my temp/bleeding pattern so this is a bit of a mystery.

I do have a bit of ovary pain, which I’d assumed was post-miscarriage stuff, but actually it is the same swollen feeling I usually get during ovulation.

Well, we let the kids watch a movie and dtd anyway, just in case. It’s not like I’ve got any time to waste. I’ll see what my temperature does over the next couple of days.

*Although, thinking about it, don’t fertility clinics use HCG as a trigger to prompt ovulation? If that’s the case, then HCG should exacerbate the ovulatory response, not inhibit it?

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  1. I read on someone’s blog (I think Eventual Momma?) that after she got her positive pregnancy tests, she used her OPKs too, and they also showed up a STRONG positive. I don’t think I’d go by that really while you’re in the midst of a miscarriage. I know that I’ve only had one, and others are more versed in the whole miscarriage world (wow, how sad is that statement!?!?) but I know your body does some strange things while trying to reset itself back to normal. I’d say if your body hasn’t even passed everything yet, you’re probably not cycling yet. I could be wrong, but that’s my 2 cents. 🙂

  2. Very interesting. I don’t have any answers except to say that yes, HCG is used to trigger ovulation when undergoing fertility treatment. Might as well have a crack at it if you feel OK with that! x

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