This is Not a Minimalist’s Kitchen

kitchen clutter


This is not at all what I want to be looking at each day.

I’ve had a break from environmental minimalism, I’ve been focusing on my mental clutter and I think I’m ready to pick up the downsizing baton again.

My brain is less full of emotional crap (not that I’ve resolved all my baggage, I’ve just gotten better at not dragging it out and around with me each day), and this journey is a bit like the journey to physical fitness:

On some training days, your lungs are tight, you can’t get enough oxygen, your aerobic capacity is being stretched.

On other training days, your muscles feel like lead, they are heavy and slow, they need to grow and strengthen.

For me, these two things alternate – one week it’s all about my lungs. My legs are strong but I can’t fuel them. Another week and I’m breathing beautifully, but my muscles can’t keep up.

They seem to have a staggered, alternating, improvement cycle.

And I think minimalism is like this.

It’s a physical and mental journey and you need to alternate them.

For me, I feel it’s time to get back to my physical environment. Christmas is looming in the distance and Christmas means stuff, family, stress, holiday, busy busy busy.

It’s time to get physical. Let’s find some stuff to get rid of.

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