This Cycle – Bust or Not??

There was one more piece of information from yesterday’s consultation that I’ve been obsessing over.

They checked my ovaries to see if my cyst was gone and everything looked okay. It wasn’t a thorough scan, it was a swish around look, and a quick follicle count. They took no measurements or photos.

When we were chatting afterwards and I said I was expecting my period in two weeks (I’m on CD15), the consultant said:

I think you’ve got a little longer than that to go, you don’t have a dominant follicle, so it might be longer than two weeks.

I don’t have a dominant follicle.

A dominant follicle usually emerges about day 9 (as far as I can tell), and then grows some more and releases the egg a few days later.

According to fertility friend’s crosshairs (and my own observations correlate), I ovulated 3 days ago, on CD12.

Now, they should have seen the corpus luteum, but they didn’t (although they weren’t specifically looking for it). They didn’t see a dominant follicle either.

So, no corpus luteum and no dominant follicle means an anovulatory cycle.

Here’s my chart:


So… for me, it’s not the clearest chart I’ve ever had. My temps are usually 80-90% below 97.9 in the follicular phase, and this month I’ve had a lot of weird highs. I am attributing that to the cyst that has “resolved” possibly interfering with my hormones.

However, I got definite egg white cervical mucus on days 11 and 12, along with three days of ovulation pain (primarily on the right, but I could feel the tenderness in both). I also got a very dark, positive opk on CD12 (I usually ovulate early after miscarriage, so that it normal too).

My cervical mucus has dried up completely, and my ovulation pain has all gone. I’ve got that mild, low backache I always get after O and I feel 99% certain that I’ve ovulated – I wouldn’t even have questioned it if I hadn’t had the ultrasound done.

So what does the scan mean?

Could they have missed the corpus luteum?

If I haven’t ovulated, why has my temp gone back up?

I feel really sad that this cycle – this one I had planned, with all our efforts at eating better, the juice fast, the diligence, the constant attention to everything that might impact my chances – might be a total no-goer.

Especially as it’s the last cycle before IVF, if we go ahead.


Oh well. We’ll find out soon enough.

10 thoughts on “This Cycle – Bust or Not??”

  1. I wouldn’t take their word as gospel. As I understand it, it is easy to miss. I was at my Drs for a scan right after ovulation once and he said he could see what was probably the follicle but “it is tricky to be sure”. You cannot tell definitively if there has been ovulation unless you scanned it the day before and knew which follicle was there. So I wouldn’t worry. You’ve had the physical signs and they line up with your chart. Seems right to me. 🙂

  2. Oh – thank you for that! I googled it yesterday but couldn’t find anything satisfactory about whether or not you can see the corpus luteum easily. I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping this month is it. It will save me from thinking about any of this any more and any of the IVF decisions. JUST KEEPING EVERYTHING CROSSED FOR THIS ONE. xxx

  3. I say ignore them and go with your gut. Ultrasounds are so wishy washy. If you got a positive OPK, chances are you’ve ovulated. i know it’s not definite, but I think likely. I can’t comment on your chart cuz those things look like Greek to me! But you’re probably not out this cycle.

    I didn’t know that ovulating early after a miscarriage was a thing. I got a positive OPK on CD 11 which is early for me. That must be why!

    • Yeah, I think I’ll just assume I did for the wait. Gives me something to think about 🙂 Funny you got an early opk too. I only know about me, but I always seem to be early after a loss. I like to think it’s my body’s way of telling me to try again soon!

  4. I feel you on this one. I hope your last cycle before medical intervention is a lot more successful than mine was!! Fingers crossed for you that this is the one!

  5. Did they do any blood work? If you in fact ovulated, your progesterone levels should be elevated. If they think you still have yet to ovulate, your hormone profile would be very different.

    • No blood work – it was just a check up for the cyst, as they aren’t monitoring me at the moment. It doesn’t really matter re IVF cycle, but I’d be disappointed thinking we didn’t get our last chance naturally before moving to ART.

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