The Two Week Wait Begins

My basal body temperature showed a nice rise this morning, meaning ovulation happened on CD14 and the thermal shift has arrived!

Isn’t it incredible that tiny changes in your body can be detected with a thermometer?

The human body really is the most amazing thing.

What’s also amazing is that right now the egg I released yeseterday is either already fertilized or dying. Already the path is set yet I won’t know for at least 7 or 8 days at the earliest.

And even if it is fertilized, it still has to be genetically compatible with life AND be able to successfully implant before it can even think about growing into a baby.

So many ifs.

And all I can do is wait and try not to obsess over how I am feeling and whether there are any clues that it has all worked.

Will it work this time?

Will I be OK if it doesn’t?

Better get busy so the days don’t pass too painfully.

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