The Road Ahead

I had an LH surge this cycle, a couple of days after finishing the juice fast, and I didn’t ovulate (at least, I haven’t yet and it’s been two days since the peak).

I had two LH surges last month, and didn’t ovulate then either.

I’ve done a bit of reading on calories and ovulation, and it seems more like body weight is the key, rather than your actual intake. Low body weight can stop ovulation, which is definitely not the case. I’m about 2kg above my ideal. Low calories on the other hand, don’t seem to interfere with ovulation, as long as your body is healthy.

Which leaves me wondering…

My cycles have always, ALWAYS been 28 days. I always, always ovulate. In the 6 years I’ve been charting (on and off), I’ve never missed a month.

But, I’m 40 now. And I mentioned this a long, long time ago on here, but my Mum was 44 when she went through menopause. Very early. There is a genetic component to it, so it’s entirely possible that I’m perimenopausal – or just heading into it now.

My periods have been a little shorter – maybe by a day or two – over the last year. I’d put it down to stress, bad diet, you know, the whole TTC thing.

But maybe I’m actually reaching the end of the road.

So, the plan is still to get pregnant next cycle, and I’m still eating a ton of veg and fruit. My skin is finally calming down and all in all I’m feeling pretty good.

But we’ll have to see what happens. Whether my body will cooperate. If it’s not going to ovulate (which is a problem I’d never even thought about in the past), then there’s not a lot I can do.

We talked a lot about having a third when I was 36, and I’d not long turned 37 when we started trying. And now I’m 40. Where have those years gone? It’s just terrifying. I’m not ready to be a barren old woman. My father was clearly wrong when he told me that having children at 16 was a bad idea.

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  1. Oh man Rose I was just having this convo with another TTC friend today (she is also TTC no 3, has had a bunch of miscarriages over the years and now just cannot seem to get to no 3). We were saying how you spend so many of your younger years trying not to fall because it is a bad idea then it gets to the time and bam, not so easy for everyone. i hope you body is just having a rest or giving you dud tests or something equally explainable that does not mean you are perimenopausal. Hope the healthy eating takes you where you need to go. Thinking of you love. Always thinking of you when I am on this journey too xx

  2. I agree- I wish we had started earlier too. Instead, we spent several years dilly dallying and enjoying our baby-free marriage ha. My dad’s greatest fear was his two daughters getting knocked up, even in our twenties. Now I’m thinking that wouldn’t have been so bad!

  3. “If it’s not going to ovulate (which is a problem I’d never even thought about in the past), then there’s not a lot I can do.”

    Actually, if you know or suspect that ovulation is a problem, there IS something you can do. This was my issue (well, at least the major component of my issue) in getting pregnant over the many years we tried. There are inexpensive, non-invasive medications you can take to stimulate ovulation. I absolutely know this is how DD2 was conceived, and the medication that led to us having her was, in the TTC/IF world, truly a walk in the park.

    I only say this as a bit of encouraging information, I hope. Just know that if ovulation is the issue, there are options.

    My (unsolicited) advice would be to keep closely monitoring for ovulation and see if a pattern emerges. Unfortunately, a month or two probably isn’t really enough to draw a conclusion just yet but keep an eye on it. You may be on to something.

    • Ooo thank you!! I had no idea! I thought I was basically stuffed. I’m hoping this is just post mc, post juice fast craziness… Next month will reveal all…

      • If you have another wacky month with LH and the like, definitely bring it up to your doctor and let him/her know you suspect you are not ovulating properly and ask what can be done about it. Here in the states, the most common drugs to stimulate ovulation seem to be clomid and letrozole. A lot of us who’ve been through the trenches with these meds have better experiences with letrozole, but everyone is different. As with any meds, there are potential side effects and a moderately increased risk of multiples as you can actually ovulate more than one egg at a time, but I’m getting way ahead of things! Sending you love and PATIENCE, my dear!

        • Thank you – I will squirrel this advice away and pull it out if it gets to that point. At least I’m clear on what I can request if it turns out to be a problem – thank you xxxx

  4. I’m sorry. I hope you’re not nearing the end, as you fear. Maybe it’s just a glitch in the system this month and things will settle out for you soon!

  5. I think it could just be your body recovering from the miscarriage. Maybe call your RE on day 1 of your next cycle and have them test AMH and FSH on day 3 (if they haven’t already). That way you can be sure that you’re not in pre-menopause. It would give you peace of mind at least! I do think it’s likely that you’re just taking a couple of months to get back to normal. I agree with your comment to Emily above–we can’t catch a f*cking break!

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