The Plan

Here’s what we’re going to do:

1. Skip trying this cycle.

For a couple of reasons. I have a big cyst, and my lining was “very thin” at ultrasound. Although, saying that, a few weeks before that I was told it was “very thick”, so hopefully it’s just good at growing and shedding. Even so, I don’t want to take a chance. Most importantly, having researched how crucial the two weeks before ovulation is to egg health, I want to give it a really fantastic shot and this month isn’t the one as I’m already on CD7.

It pains me greatly to sit out for a month. The clock ticks away and it’s another month closer to trying for three years, but I think it’s a sensible decision.

2. We do a 5 day juice fast (I’d like to do longer, but I don’t think I’ll be able to).

We start on Sunday and we have prepared as well as we can. The house is already full of kilos (literally kilos) of apples, beetroots, and kale, with another delivery to come on Sunday morning to make up what else we need. We’ve had lots of practice with the juicer. I’ve not touched refined sugar in 9 days, and I’ve been completely and utterly caffeine free for 2 days. I had my last glass of wine 2 days ago as well. Withdrawal has been mild for all of them, as although my eating went downhill over Christmas I didn’t go completely mad. As a bonus I’m finally sleeping properly again – the last two nights I haven’t had to get up, which is fantastic.

3. We go back onto a 100% plant based diet

I’m staying off meat and dairy as long as I can manage (ideally throughout my February and March cycles). I also intend to keep juicing each day and eating lots of raw fruits and veggies.

4. We TTC on my 14th February cycle

I think my cycle is all reset, after the lightest AF I’ve ever had (worrying). I should be due a period on 14th February, as I’m currently on cycle day 7. I’m still getting the odd temperature spike in the mornings though, which is a little worrying, but my periods have always been regular, so I’m hoping I fall back into my usual pattern this month.

On ovulation day (around 28th Feb), I will have been on a strict plant-based diet for 35 days and sugar free for 46 days.

Most importantly, I will be juicing twice a day in the two weeks before ovulation, as well as trying to ensure I get lots of gentle exercise and lots of good quality sleep. This IS going to be the best egg I have ever ovulated.

5. We get pregnant for 14th March.

If only it was that easy, huh? That’s the plan, but if we don’t, we’ll try one more cycle – which will be our last shot at having a baby in 2015.

If we’re not pregnant by 10th April:

6.  We might go ahead with a single round of IVF.

Might. We’re still not sure.


Overall, we want to give one more pregnancy a go, and we think we can do that ourselves. But if we can’t, we might try with IVF. The emotional cost of trying IVF and failing is great – I don’t know if we actually will go down that road, but it’s still on the table at the moment.

So that’s the plan.

If we do the fast and the 100% clean diet and that doesn’t work, and we do IVF and that doesn’t work… then I think we’ve probably tried everything we possibly can.

I’ll be blogging mostly about juicing and eating over the next 6 weeks 😉

12 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. I think it will be worth it for you to spend this cycle cleaning things up so that you get as perfect of an egg as you can. I am glad you’re getting good sleep, and hope that your juice fast is tasty and nourishing.

        • Well, my issues are twofold: 1) I overthink everything – especially at night when it’s quiet and 2) I suffer intermittently from awful restless leg syndrome. It runs in my family and it’s not even funny how dreadful it can be. So – the overthinking has been a long process of trying to process emotional baggage, which is much better these days. But the RLS – eugh – still flares up terribly. It makes my sleep really shallow, I wake over and over and I have to keep getting in and out of bed. Just awful. It’s been so bad post-Christmas, and I think it is diet related, but it seems to be related to everything – alcohol, sugar, caffeine – all the usual offenders. Sometimes I think I get it because I haven’t done enough exercise, and sometimes it’s because I’ve done too much. It’s just awful.
          ANYWAY – you asked how I got back to sleep. To be honest, I’m not sure, but over the last week or so, where I’ve cut out all refined sugar again, and the little bit of caffeine I was consuming, it seems to have eased off. Not gone though. I dream of a deep and restful sleep… seems like something I haven’t had for years.
          I do all the usual stuff: no electronics, very thick curtains, no light, no screens before bed, get up at same time each day, etc. etc. I’m just a poor sleeper these days 🙁

          • I am an overthinker too. The restless leg sounds awful. Have you ever tried magnesium citrate for it? There’s a powder called “Natural Calm” that might help. I know you have probably tried everything, but I just thought I’d ask. My sleep problems only started this past August, when I was pregnant for the first time, and then miscarried. I had never had sleep problems before that were this bad. I think mine are hormone related- pregnancy sent it out of whack, and all of the fertility hormones associated with the FETs have kept it messed up.

          • I’m sure hormones affect our sleep – in fact the one thing I overlooked through the worst weeks was that I’d just miscarried. My sleep has been basically terrible since this last pregnancy. I imagine the meds you take are really messing with your sleep cycles. It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I lie there, desperately tired and annoyed about how it will impact the next day but I can’t actually drop off to sleep. I have tried eating lots if magnesium rich foods, but haven’t tried a direct supplement – I’ll put that on the list for after the juice fast/clean eating experiment, thank you. I hope you manage to get a decent nights rest soon. Do you take more meds after transfer or will you get a break then?

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