The Nursery is Done (Almost)

Ahhh, time for some gratuitous shots of a baby room.

This has been a major undertaking – it’s been a wrench and a difficult process sorting out all the stuff that was in here. But we’ve done it!

Well, almost.

I’ve still got a pile of things to sell/donate. My husband still has three shelves of books in the room that he needs to relocate (we’ve no idea where at present). I also need to buy a couple of things – a new changing mat for the table, a little bit of new bedding, newborn clothes. Not much else.

Wanna see some before and afters?

Here we go.

Back in 2007, this is what the room looked like when we first moved in:


This is before we got married, before we did anything to the house – it’s all our rented house furniture and bits and bobs – ugh.

After we got married, we painted and re-carpeted it ready for my eldest, and it was his room for a couple of years, before both boys moved into the bigger bedroom together. This was taken in 2010:


It was always too cluttered for my liking, even back then. It’s taken me years to a) learn to let go of possessions and b) appreciate how much nicer it is to live with less.

Then it stood empty for a long time… waiting for a baby that wasn’t anywhere in sight.

So eventually, with heavy hearts, we turned it back into an office. In an attempt to try and move on. This is earlier this year:

room3 room2

Yeah… still a bit of a mess. We never really committed one way or another to what to do with the space. For ages it was a bit of a dumping ground. Gradually more and more stuff wound up there, so it was no easy task to shed the lot.

But then! A miracle happened.

So here it is today, after lots of hard work, bags and bags and bags of stuff sorted out and sold/donated/relocated, plus various pieces of furniture discarded:


The moses basket will live in our bedroom (it has a stand), as will the cot after that (we kept both boys in our room until they were seven months old), but this is the official ‘home’ for now.

You can see the husband’s books on the bottom three shelves in this one – they are to be moved!!



We have a selection of young toys and baby books that were in the loft, plus a collection of baby parenting books which I used for advice and comfort whenever things got too much with the boys.

Soon all the shelves will be organised just how I like them 😉

And I added a little touch of creativity this morning, just to finish everything off:



And my most favourite one of all, which I might move to a more visible spot in the house cause I love it so much:



I’m super-excited to have (almost) finished this project, and I’m really pleased with how simple and clean it looks.

Total cost: about £60
(£25 for the photo frames, £35 for the new moses basket). We already had all the furniture (hence why it doesn’t match!), and didn’t paint or re-carpet. That’s the kind of makeover I like 🙂

Now if I can just get the rest of the house looking this way…

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