The Novel

Well, there’s no more avoiding it. The hours are counting down until 8.30am tomorrow morning, when I have to be at my desk, back at work.

Both boys are fit and well, so I’ll be dropping them off tomorrow and then I won’t see them all day 🙁

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the novel. It’s been swimming around in my head for sometime, but it’s been a while to let the plot all come together in my mind. A few months back I got up at 4am and wrote out a complete chapter plan, from start to finish, so now I know exactly what I’m trying to put in it.

Since then I haven’t touched it, but today, the imminent threat of work made me dig it out among my online files, transfer it to a teeny, tiny USB stick, and pop it in my bag for tomorrow. I’ve probably got about 4,000 words down.

Yes, I have to work 8 hours a day to write stuff for someone else, but I reckon I can squeeze an hour out of that to write stuff for me, right?

Well, I need to get the boys ready and brave the awful weather. There’s nothing to eat in the house and we’re out of nappies for DS1.

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