The Mind Boggles

DS1 attends preschool and is good friends with another little boy there, called Billy.

This morning, during breakfast, DS1 said:

Mummy, Billy had to go to hospital.
Did he? But I saw him yesterday when I collected you at preschool – you were sitting next to him.
He went to hospital and his mum had to pick his bum-bum, ha ha ha!
His mum had to pick his bum-bum and there was blood.
There was blood on his bottom?
Nooooo Mummy, the blood was INSIDE his bum-bum. She had to pick it out.
She did??
Yes, she had to pick the blood out of his bum-bum and when Billy wet himself yesterday he showed me [DS1 is sporting a huge grin].
He did??
Yes, and at the hospital the nurse had to use a knife to cut the blood out of his bum-bum [laughs with glee].
That sounds horrendous!
Noooo Mummy. He was very brave. He told me.

I contemplated texting Billy’s Mum to enquire if Billy was OK, but decided that some things are best left unsaid.

7 thoughts on “The Mind Boggles”

    • I hoped that was what it was. Either that or he ate a toy?? An ex-colleague of mine knew a woman that had to get the blockage ‘corkscrewed’ out of her bottom in the end, while on all fours, because it had gotten so bad and laxatives weren’t working… I was so frightened by this tale that I’ve always eaten lots of veg!!!!

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