The Long Road To Recovery

You know you need to sort things out when you take your children to a toddlers rugby class and notice that there is a balled-up pair of blood-stained knickers in your bag, next to the spare nappy, leftover from your recent trip to the hospital.

I mean, seriously. Do other mothers walk around in this state of disarray??

Anyway, I listened to a 20 minute guided meditation last night (by the end of yesterday, not only was I exhausted but I was starting to get shooting pains through my skull and my chest felt like it had a weight on it). I tried meditation quite a while back and I did find it very, very helpful in adjusting my mood and outlook.

I need peace from my own thoughts, and it’s a great, scientifically proven, way to do it.

So I’m going to try to meditate much more. Maybe even every day if possible.

And I’m just so inspired by Kino MacGregor:

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Some days practice feels light and easy. Today was not one of those days for me. I felt like my body was a sack of potatoes that I threw around my yoga mat. Yet @beachyogagirl reminded me yesterday that I promised her a video of the jump forward into Uttanasana from Downward Dog so here it is 😊What’s interesting to me is that so often the internal feeling is just that, a feeling that is personal, while the exterior looks pretty much the same. Do your practice every day, through the light and the heavy and cultivate a peaceful mind through it all. For this movement don’t jump too high or else you will bypass your shoulders and arch the back. Jump forward into the strength of your shoulders then use your core to round the back as you lower down. Bring your shoulders forward as you go in towards the landing. Don’t collapse, keep pushing up until the very last moment when you surrender your feet to the floor. Shorts by @c_ravel Fun printed yoga towel by @aertecomete

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I have ordered her book about her journey into yoga, and a yoga DVD for beginners by <a title=”Tara Lee Yoga” href=””>Tara Lee</a> (a respected UK teacher). I’ve never really understood yoga, but sometimes you need a change, and maybe this is exactly what I need. Well, running is out of the question since every time I so much as walk anywhere I get out of breath and start bleeding (I have a final scan booked for Friday to check what’s going on).

AND I have also treated myself to three gemstone bracelets.

One for love, one for healing and one for protection from negative energy.

Beads to everyone else, but a sort of talisman for me.

To remind me to move forward with grace.

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