The Loft Is Done


I have cleared out the loft, hurrah!

The loft now contains:

  • suitcases
  • christmas stuff
  • empty boxes for more expensive in-use items (we always save these in case we sell the item at a later date)
  • a collection of baby things
  • some framed photos (I have a photo wall project planned at some point)
  • my sewing machine
  • some of Mr Tech’s bits and bobs
  • a box of our wedding memorabilia
  • tax paperwork
  • the pedestal for the bathroom sink (long story. the bathroom has been half-finished for about 6 years)

Hmm. Actually, that’s still quite a long list, but considering how much space we have up there it doesn’t feel cluttered at all.

Everything is stacked neatly and labelled where necessary, and it feels AMAZING.

It hasn’t been this clear and tidy at any point in the entire 7 years we have lived here.

The weird thing is, I can’t even see it when I’m just pottering around the house, but I feel SO much better for knowing that it’s done.

Hidden clutter is maybe the most emotionally draining of all.


Just for comparison, here’s how it looked when I started:


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