The Last Sanitary Towel in The House

I went shopping yesterday and one of my top priorities was to buy (yet more) sanitary towels.

Somehow I didn’t write that down (cause you can’t really forget when you’ve been bleeding for 29 days, right?).

Somehow I didn’t pick them up in the supermarket, and somehow I didn’t remember that I’d forgotten until I got out of bed this morning and reached into the drawer for a new one.

One lone towel stared back at me from the otherwise empty pack.

I remembered I had forgotten to buy them, sighed, and decided I’d pick some more up on our way out this morning.

I peeled the adhesive back off the last remaining sanitary towel, popped it in my pants and went straight into the bathroom. I sat down for a wee and somehow as I sat down the towel pinged out of my pants and flipped straight down the toilet.

And I thought 2014 was gonna be my year.

5 thoughts on “The Last Sanitary Towel in The House”

  1. Oh my word. Rose this made me laugh, hard. When the girls were potty training I took them with me in a bathroom at a department store. The place was packed, and we three ladies were jammed together in one of the little stalls. I try to be ahem… discreet… but as they get as close to me as they can at the most inoppertune times, one saw the pad and screamed “MOMMY DID YOU POOP YOUR PANTS??????” No! No! No! Shhh! (instant sweaty pits) that’s not poop, let’s talk about it at home…. Oh my Gosh. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

  2. Oh man that is EXACTLY the sort of thing that would happen to me. Argh. So frustrating. I know the year hasn’t started out well but it is not even half over yet. Things could change in an instant. You might be surprised. X

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