The Joy in Motherhood


This morning after breakfast, we walked to the local shop.

DS2 sat in the buggy and DS1 scooted along next to us.

The weather was perfectly still and clear. The streets were quiet and calm.

On the way home we stopped at the local park and DS1 made friends with the only other child there. A little boy out with his Dad. For an hour everybody played happily. I chatted a bit with the other little boy’s Dad and then we all effortlessly headed home.

No protests, DS1 and DS2 waving goodbye to their new friend.

At home the boys eat lunch and DS2 is all giggly and chubby and cute before I put him down for a nap, and my heart is singing over what a perfect morning it’s been.

I feel so lucky to have all this. To be spending this time with my children. To see them growing and sharing and smiling. To be out in the sun, on a cool, calm morning, with nowhere to rush to and nowhere to be.

Motherhood can be so hard, so much of the time. A constant battle and endless guilt over my self-judged performance. Some days I just want to cry with the enormity and exhaustion of it all (and some days I do).

But this? Today I want to bottle this feeling of love and peace and calm, and awe over how perfect life is, and keep it forever.

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