The Evils of Persil

I’ll bet you’re wondering how my rash is doing, eh? I mentioned it to the guys at work while we were on a coffee break today and they all looked a bit scared. One of them ran away. Mum said they probably think I’ve picked up some lethal disease hanging around at the hospital, and perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned my new rash in public.

It’s not really any better. I look like I’ve got a sunburnt bottom. And I have a bra shaped inprint on my back too. I’m now fairly certain it’s the washing powder – wherever my skin has been pressed against my clothes it’s bright red. Need to buy some different stuff tomorrow and rewash everything. What a pain. For those of you with extra-sensitive skin, be cautious with Persil non-biological aloe vera liqui-gel! I know – you’d think I’d be OK with non-bio, as it’s usually the enzymes in washing liquid that cause skin irritation. I know it’s not the aloe vera, as I use that stuff almost pure after shaving to stop skin irritation. I guess there’s just some other ingredient in there that my body has decided is an INTRUDER, thus activating a crazy immuno-response as protection.

Anyway, enough about that.

Mum came home today, yay! She’s got a bedroom set up in the living room, and I’ll be able to make sure she eats all her vegetables while she’s here. :-)

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