The Best Part of Breaking Up, Is When You’re Making Up

On a roll from sorting things out with my co-worker on Friday, I emailed my old boss before I left to go home (he is out in the US), and said I was sorry about all the trivial stuff we fell out over last year. I got a lovely, lovely email back on Monday saying it was all fine, and next time he was over we should all go out, get drunk and have a curry.

How cool is that? It really is so much better when everyone is nice to everyone else. Aw! Suddenly I am full of love for the world…

Here’s a pic of me at the weekend, which I particularly like. Taken with my (work) Sony Ericsson, which I will have to give back soon. You can find out the real reason for me looking this way here (I was removing asbestos board from Mum’s gas fire. I had a half-complete project page on this for ages which I have long since deleted).


Steve is doing his Kung Fu grading this evening, I think he was a bit nervous before he went. Three of them are doing the first level, so I’ll find out later how he got on…

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