The Amazing Power of Raw Food?

The other day I mentioned that poor DS2 was sick. Well, his stomach has settled down now and his appetite is increasing, but it was a nasty 48 hours.

On Saturday afternoon, just as I was finishing my lunch, I started to get stomach cramps. I thought I was going to get sick too and as the afternoon progressed I felt shivery and cold and the cramps came and went.

I crawled into bed at around 9pm feeling exhausted, but the cramps had settled. The next morning I was extremely tired, and my stomach felt a bit tender when I ate breakfast. By lunchtime I was on the road to recovery. No vomit. One pretty loose BM.

That evening (yesterday), as I was on the up, DH was feeling worse. We went to bed and at 1am he started vomiting. He moved to the spare room and was sick on and off through the night. I got about 3.5 hours sleep in total before getting up today and looking after the boys all day while he recovered in bed.

I took both boys shopping (desperately needed some work trousers for Friday’s return to the office). Then this afternoon, while DS2 took a long nap and DH was still in bed, I took DS1 to the park for an hour.

Then, after I’d put the boys in bed, I went for a run.

Yes, I’ll say that again.

I went for a run.

I physically felt like I wanted to go out and do something else before the day finished.

Admittedly it wasn’t a fast or long run, and I probably only covered around 3.5km, but it was still a run.

The point is, I’ve just seen off a vomit-inducing stomach bug with a only few cramps and happily gone out for a run on 3.5 hours sleep (the kind of night that would normally leave me cripplingly tired).

I’ve had no sugar and eaten a large salad every day for 10 days including today. I feel amazing. Seriously!

I’m not even trying to be fully raw, just increase my intake of 100% unprocessed food.

Feeling great and ovulation is fast approaching (fingers crossed). DH in no fit state to do much of anything, so am hoping he recovers pretty quick.

If I feel this way after just 10 days, how will things be a month in?

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