The 21st Two Week Wait

I’m 3 days into Yet Another Two Week Wait.

I’m feeling surprisingly good about all this trying and waiting. It’s almost like the coinciding of my last miscarriage with my coeliac diagnosis has wiped the slate clean. I really believe that I am now capable of having a healthy pregnancy, it’s just a case of catching a good egg.

And I know, at 39, I’m pretty damn lucky to be able to repeatedly get pregnant (even if they don’t stick around, ha ha).

So, I’m going to test early in a few days time, because In a weird way I find it more reassuring to catch a brief pregnancy that doesn’t stick than to have a big fat nothing.

Got a good feeling about this month though. A goooooooood feeling!!!

2 thoughts on “The 21st Two Week Wait”

    • These few days have taken ages to pass… hoping it speeds up a bit soon. V happy to hear you are feeling good – esp after being so anxious last month. Positive attitude is a wonderful thing! X

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