That Disconnected Feeling

Well, I have to say I’m not overly impressed with remote posting.

We are still without broadband, but Steve has set up dial-up connection sharing (dial up!), so we can at least do our banking etc. without having to resort to that horror of horrors… the telephone.

It’s all a bit crap really, and there is no outlook for when we will be fixed. We’re just waiting for our landlord to let us know if it would be OK to install cable instead. Then we could get rid of the landline completely, and save more pennies.

Yesterday, like a good girl, I went to the garage to check the tyre pressure on my new tyres.

I went round the whole car with the air thing, and although they were all about right, I put a bit of air in each one, just to keep it topped up. The funny thing was, the pressure reading seemed to go down slightly, no matter how much air I put in. After doing this on all four tyres, I suddenly noticed that there was a start button on the machine, which I hadn’t pressed, so no air was actually coming out of the air thing in the first place. Doh. I was too embarassed to go round all four tyres again, so now I will have to find another garage where I can top my tyres back up.

Steve was very kind though – when I told him about it he asked if he was allowed to laugh before he did.

1 thought on “That Disconnected Feeling”

  1. Well, I can’t imagine being on dial-up again *oook*. We recently downgraded our cable account to save money, and two days after having it and seeing how slowly the websites loaded, I called them up and told them to put it back. Mind you, I didn’t find the “extreme” package that we have now overly speedy, so the other was just unacceptable.

    And the tires? I would have stayed at the same station. When it comes right down to it, nobody else is paying that much attention. We end up feeling embarrassed by our own actions, and chances are nobody even noticed.

    And if they did, a good smirk comes in handy 🙂

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