Twisted Tales 2014 Anthology

My entry got through to the final and is included in this year’s anthology!

You can read a little more about me and the story here.

Love Cures All
Dr Harris looked up from his desk and smiled. Ella Thompson smiled back, closed the door behind her and made her way over to the chair. “Ella,” he said, spreading his hands in welcome. “How are you?”

You can buy it on amazon:

Twisted Tales 2014: Flash Fiction with a twist

Or you can read it (for free!) on the Ether Books app.


National Flood Fiction Day 2014’s #flashflood

I have a short (ha ha) piece on the FlashFlood website, in honour of National Flood Fiction Day.

The Morning After
When she got into work, after an early and cold commute in the January frost, the message light on her phone was flashing. An insistent red reminder of the night before. Her mobile, if unanswered, forwarded to her desk telephone. She ignored it and went to the canteen to buy a cup of tea and some breakfast.

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