First Night on Holiday with Children

toddler sleeping

We learned from painful experience that between the ages of 8 months and 18 months, staying anywhere other than at home meant nobody got any sleep.

Now that we are out of what I consider to be the no-travel zone, I’ll let you know how our first night went with a 3.5 year old and a 21 month old…

8pm (already an hour past the children’s bedtime)
We’re all at the in-laws chalet and I get DS2 to wave goodnight so I can take him back to our chalet and put him to bed. He’s looking exhausted and crying at everything and it’s been a long day. DS1 decides he wants to sleep over at Nanny’s chalet, so we all head back together so DS1 can collect sleepover things.

DS1 is obviously tired as he is unable to follow DHs instructions to pack an overnight bag with his PJs and toothbrush. DS2 is running around in zombie-like excitement while I move a single bed into the spare room, set up the travel cot, find PJs and sleeping bag, and berate myself for not having set all the beds up earlier.

DS1 and DH head back to Nanny’s. I give DS2 some milk and read him some stories to calm him down. He squeals in delight at every page and asks me to read the same 4-page story about a fire engine five times in a row.

I finally get DS2 into bed, hang up the blackout blind and creep out. He seems unsettled, but is so tired I think he will be asleep soon.

I am sat on the toilet when DH returns with DS1, who barges into the bathroom and tells me he doesn’t want to stay at Nanny’s after all. Apparently once she had run him a bath he told DH he wanted to go home.

I frantically make up DS1s bed, and DS2 (who was almost asleep) is now standing in his travel cot crying because DS1 won’t stay in the bedroom with us and is instead riding his scooter up and down the corridor.

We finally get DS1 and DS2 into bed, in the same room, at the same time.

DS2 is making his little sucky noises that means he is dropping off to sleep.

DS1 gets up for a wee.

DS1 gets up for a poo.

I ask DS1 if he would like me to sit with him for a while. He says yes. After 10 minutes of laying quietly he is still not asleep, but I am going to pass out and my head is hurting, so I get up, ask him to close his eyes and rest and tell him I have some cleaning to do.

DS1 gets up for a wee. I start getting ready for bed.

I finish brushing my teeth. DS1 and DS2 are alseep. Hurrah!

Decide to listen to a relaxation audio as my brain is a bit wired and I’m feeling stressed about how tired the kids are going to be tomorrow (Nanny’s birthday).

Turn off audio, am falling asleep.

Notice that it’s really quite light in our bedroom.

I get up and check the temperature in the boys room, as I’m worried about DS2 getting cold.

Why can’t I fall asleep?

I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow is the last thing I think before I fall asleep.

I wake up because AF is here and I can feel myself bleeding. I’m worried I’m going to leave a shark attack scene on the holiday bedsheets so I get up and head to the bathroom to source more sanitary towels.

DS2 cries a bit. I go and put a blanket on him as his arms feel cold and the temperature has dropped.

DS2 cries again. I check him and he has turned over and the blanket has come off. Tuck him in again.

DS2 cries briefly. I check him once more. He’s fine.

The sun seems to be coming up. I’m sure I can hear birds. I want to cry.

I must have dropped back off to sleep because next I am woken up by the sound of “Mamaaaa? Mamaaaaa?” from DS2. I take my temperature (gotta love TTC) and thankfully DH gets up because I feel like I have been poisoned and thrown in a hedgerow.

DS1 wakes up because DS2 is shouting about the Octonauts at top volume. DS1 comes in with his thumb in his mouth, looking as tired as I feel and asks me if I’m going to get up now.

Overall, I consider that a success 🙂

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