A Grown Up Day of Inspiration

Yesterday the husband took charge of the school run, and of looking after our 3 year old, and I headed off to London for the day. I booked a ticket for the “Achieve the Impossible Breakfast Club” a couple of months back, which was basically a talk by Greg Whyte (former Olympian and incredible sports coach to the stars), to promote his new book Achieve the Impossible.

The book is great, but seeing the man talking about the “brain of success” in person was amazing. He is super fit (at 48 – I just looked up his age!). He’s full of energy, happy, enthusiastic, but also deadly serious about hard work. He’s the kind of man that, if you had him as your personal trainer, would help you achieve incredible things.

I got my book signed at the end, and you can just see me at the edge of the twit pic below!


After the talk, I walked up to Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road. Total heaven. A MASSIVE book store and all the time in the world for me to browse in it. And I started thinking… why am I waiting until the baby is born to start running again? I have all this passion for it that I can feel overflowing – I’ve tried to look up 5k races for next year, but it’s too early for them. I’ve put running on hold for 3 years in case I got pregnant and because I was too depressed to run. Why should I wait any longer when I can’t wait to get out there?

So I bought a couple of running books and resolved to do some research on pregnancy running on the train home. More on that below.

After Foyles I wandered down Oxford Street for old time’s sake (I worked in London for a decade before moving to the coast), and enjoyed the sound of a band playing Sweet Home Alabama in the morning sunshine.


Next I headed over to the British Museum, primarily to have a look at the mummies in the Egyptian gallery – I’ve always been fascinated by them. There was a very interesting section on Egyptian nutrition and health – I didn’t know it, but the Egyptians were a really unhealthy bunch. Prone to arthritis, osteoporosis, abscesses, lung problems (from indoor cooking fires), tooth problems and scalp problems, they existed primarily on wheat grain (hah! no wonder) and vegetables, with some meat.

Eye-opening stuff.

Then it was time for me to eat, so after reading about all those ailments (and seeing the bone and tissue evidence), I headed over to Covent Garden where there is a raw (+vegan+gluten free) restaurant called the Wild Food Cafe:


I’ve never dined out raw before, so it was great to tick this off my ‘to-do’ list. I had a green juice, a raw pizza and a raw chocolate tart. It was all AMAZING!IMG_7947IMG_7950

Finally, I was feeling pretty tired after all the walking, so I ambled back to Waterloo, looking in the odd shop here and there before taking the train home.

Running in Pregnancy

This was my primary research goal on the return journey – could I start running now? Was it safe in pregnancy? Does anyone run when they are pregnant?

Well, it turns out that as long as you have run before, feel well, and don’t push too hard, it’s no problem. I found blogs of women running races in their third trimester and lots of other info about keeping comfortable with increasing bump and boobs.

Wow. And I am just bursting with enthusiasm for it at the moment, so I thought why the hell not and set my alarm for 5:30am this morning to get out of bed.

I just had the most wonderful, soul-nourishing day yesterday. A day away from home where I was able to focus on enjoying my time, doing all the things I wanted to do, and thinking about how I spend my time and how I want to spend my time. And about the person I am continually striving to be.

And did I run this morning?

I did 🙂

I was out the door at 5:43am. It was peaceful, warm, still, and just… perfect.


I’ll be honest here – I walked 90% of the way. And the bits I did run were at a slow pace. I thought that my bump might be the issue, but in fact, I could run and hardly notice it at all – bumps don’t bounce, it turns out.

My giant boobs on the other hand…. even in the strongest sports bra I’ve got they were still all over the place. WAY too much movement for my liking. We’re going shopping at the weekend for a better one. Or failing that an iron chest plate.

I “ran” 5k in 44:58, which I’ll use as my baseline. I’ve decided to aim for three times a week, Monday will be a short hill trip, Wednesday a short, faster run on the flat, and Friday my long amble.

I really noticed that the strength training I’ve been doing for the last two weeks helped. It just felt so great to be out there again – this time with a fire in my belly that has been absent since I stopped true regular running in 2010 before getting pregnant with my youngest.

I got home riding high on a massive endorphin rush, just as the sun made an appearance from behind grey skies:


And if you need help on getting out of bed early in the morning (I certainly do), I can’t recommend this book highly enough, which is one of those I picked up in Foyles yesterday:


It talks about using mindfulness to overcome the “It’s cold, it’s dark and I’m tired” thoughts that sabotage our best intentions. It’s buddhist thought applied to running. It’s full of practical suggestions on how to be more aware of your attachments to what you do and don’t like (rain, cold weather, running at 5am, etc), and to just accept things as they are.

So, one more thing before I go, and that is something that my yoga hero Kino McGregor said on her latest video blog that I watched this morning. It’s in the last few minutes, so if you don’t want to watch it, I’ll just quote her directly below:

Clean yourself from the inside, and the inner world will be a reflection of the outer world. Clean up your outer world, and it will be a reflection of the purity of your inner world.

And on that note, I’m off to clean up my outer world, and get some more things listed on eBay 😉



I tested this morning – once at 4:30am cause I desperately needed the bathroom, and once at 7am when I properly got up.

Both of them are 99% BFN.

As in, there might be a ghost of a line there, but not even as shadowy as yesterday (and yesterday’s was pretty faint). In fact, today’s hint of a ghost line makes yesterday’s test look like a BFP in comparison.

I will test again tomorrow, but I suspect tomorrow will be a perfect, snowy white negative.

So what happened?

My guess is that the egg was fertilised, implanted, and then either died or was rejected: i.e. it was no good. I did get some sudden cramps yesterday evening on my left side. Just a few minutes, then they stopped. Kind of like it was all ending I suppose.

I’ve been doing some reading about IVF recently. I mean, you get the sperm, the egg, they fertilise and you put it in the womb when it’s ready to implant. How on earth can that NOT work? Right?

Well, this clinic sees only 15% of eggs implant in women aged 40-42.


And this article, about a new photography technique to improve selection of viable embryos, says overall the live birth rate is only around 24% for IVF in the UK.

But, if you use a younger woman’s eggs, the success rate rockets.

How depressing is that?

It’s not the womb.

It’s not the sperm.

It’s the egg.

Those damn eggs just aren’t as good as you get older.

Even if you harvest them out, fertilise them with decent sperm and grow them in perfect conditions in a lab, they still aren’t viable.

I am disappointed this morning – I really, really thought this month would be it.

I’ve been gluten free for 3 months, I’m feeling really good, I just thought it would work.

I’m not sure whether to just eat a whole bucket of chocolate, or book myself into a raw foods retreat and do some kind of extreme dietary approach in an attempt to salvage any good eggs I may have left.


CD4 Bored of All This TTC Stuff

It feels like I haven’t written anything for an age.

The weather has been sunny and I’ve been in recovery from the arrival of my last period. Each month it seems to get harder to pick myself up.

And to top it all off, this cycle my period lasted 1.5 days. I’m usually a 3/4 day kind of girl, so now I’m thinking that my uterus just isn’t making a decent enough lining for implantation to occur (or stick, since it seems to have occurred 3 times this year, albeit briefly).

I always like to have a plan for the month, so this month it’s twofold: getting back to eating lots of raw food, and increasing my intake of grass-fed meat and free range organic eggs (a bit of a primal eating plan I guess).

I’m wondering if I’m deficient in something vital (especially after such a scant bleed), so figured I need some animal products to boost my wellbeing. I suffered quite badly with anaemia as a child so perhaps have a tendency towards it.

So, after two days I am feeling less lethagic and miserable, the fridge is stocked with various animal products and a ton of fruit and veg after this morning’s shop and onward we go into the 15th month since we started trying for no.3.

Reversing Grey Hair With Raw Food – Possible?

Since switching to no shampoo and paying much more attention to my diet, I’ve been paying much more attention to my hair.

I have a few grey strands scattered here and there and I examine them frequently, wondering if my fate is sealed and I should just book an appointment with my hairdresser and get them dyed away…


I’ve been secretly hoping to see a change.

I’ve been hoping to see less grey.

Or – the absolute proof – a grey hair that is BROWN at the root.

And at last I have found this:

reversing grey

It shows a hair, from my comb this morning, that is browner at the root. That means it’s growing through with colour AFTER growing through grey.

The photo is not brilliant – I tried several times and this is the best of the bunch. But you can see the change in colour, and you can also see that it is returning to grey again at the root.

Now, apparently hair grows at about 1/2 inch a month.

The grey at the follicle end is almost exactly 1/2 an inch.

A month ago is exactly when I started floundering in my mission to eat more raw food. I haven’t really gotten back on track since then.

The grey at the far end is 3 – 3.5 inches in.

12.5 weeks ago I started recording my raw intake and I upped my daily raw food consumption to an average of 33% of my calories.


Maybe. If you’re interested in the reasoning behind this, I posted about the potential for raw food to help grey hair here.

Time for me to get back to all that lush salad and sweet fruit.

More Raw Weeks 9, 10 & 11

raw food week 9 raw food week 10

Things haven’t been going so well over the last three weeks – as you probably guessed by the lack of information!

Week 9 was erratic mainly because of the fact that I had a faint positive pregnancy test, which disappeared (again), so to be honest I was comfort eating.

Week 10 we were on holiday with the in-laws. I tried hard, and managed to eat fruit most days but meals were often out or at the in-laws so they tended to be more traditional food and not the raw salads that I would make at home.

Week 11 I didn’t even record. We were all so tired after a week away (and the boys sleeping less meant less of a holiday and more work for us), that I could barely function enough to remember to eat a sandwich at the right time, let alone nourish my body properly. Then we were away again this past weekend visiting friends, so all in all week 11 wouldn’t have been great, even if I had taken the time to write up what I was eating.

What I have noticed

I have been distinctly less energetic, and have felt quite down over the last couple of weeks. I feel a bit podgier around the middle. Not only that but my skin has a rougher texture and I’ve had the odd spot.

And it might be my imagination, but I look more withered. Seriously!

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep over the last two weeks, but my wrinkles are deeper than they were 3 weeks ago.


I need to pick myself up and get back to eating better food. I didn’t manage a great breakfast this morning as we had to go food shopping first thing and there wasn’t anything in the house I wanted. Lunch is going to be a big salad, and from there hopefully I can get myself back on track.

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